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Laurent Craste - Iconocraste

“The decorative object is at the heart of Laurent Craste artistic pursuit. His research is centered on conceptual explorations of the multiple layers of meaning of decorative objects of collection, in their sociological and historical dimensions, but also in their ideological and aesthetics ones. Therefore, he looks at the inventory of original models from the main European manufactures of porcelain of the 18th and 19th centuries2, and subjects them to a practice of deconstruction and of violent alteration of their formal structures, and in contaminating their traditional decorations by a subversive process of substitution of subject. These corruptions, formal and iconographic, if they reassess the historical, social, political and aesthetic values of the decorative object, they also reveal an intense and ambiguous relationship with the object.”

Born and raised in France, Laurent Craste has been living and working in Montreal for the past 18 years. His career has involved both a studio practice in contemporary ceramics and the teaching of ceramics at college level.

Laurent completed a master’s degree in Fine and Media Arts; his research works have earned him a graduate award of excellence from UQAM, as well as a grant from the Centre interuniversitaire en arts médiatiques (CIAM).He received the prestigious Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramists, awarded by the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery. He was also a finalist in the Carouge international competition in Switzerland He participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada and abroad, especially in the United States and Europe. His work can be found in numerous private collections and are also part of contemporary ceramic collections from public institutions in Quebec and France.