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Cirque du Soleil

Community Relations

Cirque du Soleil owes its fame, in part, to the undeniable quality and originality of its creations, as well as the relationships and ties it forges and sustains around the globe. First and foremost, it seeks to develop and maintain strong links to the community.

In the past when the circus arrived in town local citizens eagerly joined in raising the Big Top and street artists always sought to forge links with their audiences. And, as modern as it is, Cirque du Soleil still draws on that long tradition by seeking to create bonds with all the communities where it performs.

When the fledgling Cirque du Soleil undertook its first tour in Quebec in 1984, as part of the celebrations to mark the 450th anniversary of the arrival of Jacques Cartier, the company reached out to find partners in every community it visited. Cirque still regards links with the community as a priority: with touring shows, one of the organization’s main activities to this day, the advance work with local public services takes place months before the company arrives.

Locating Cirque's International Headquarters in the Saint-Michel district of Montreal, and its resident shows in the United States and in Asia, was done in the same way. Long before the first shovel broke ground Cirque du Soleil took the time to position itself as a citizen of the community and a neighbor of choice, by entering into a dialogue with representatives of the local community.

International Headquarters

Cirque du Soleil has aspired to be an agent of change since its inception, and the decision in the late 1990s to establish its International Headquarters in the Saint-Michel district of Montreal sprang from the desire to select a location where the company's presence could have the greatest possible positive influence.
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Resident shows

For nearly 20 years, Cirque du Soleil has been a fully engaged and committed citizen of the communities in which we have established residency. 
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Touring shows

Our touring shows participate in the community life of the places we visit.
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