Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil


History of our global citizenship

Long before Cirque du Soleil became the company you know today, it was a group of young entertainers and dreamers who presented their acts in the streets. As time passed, their dream to stimulate the imagination of audiences all over the world became a reality because – among other reasons – people with means and influence took a chance on them in spite of their youth, their image and their profession as itinerant acrobats.

Since Cirque du Soleil has acquired the means to make these dreams a reality that it has spread a little all over the world, the company and its employees have chosen to join with communities and a growing number of individuals to work together to build a better world. That is why, every year since 1989, Cirque du Soleil and its founder put a sum equivalent to 1% of the company’s gross revenue into our social and cultural action programs as well as into the ONE DROP Foundation.

From the creation of programs such as Cirque du Monde in 1995, and the Support to the Cultural Milieu program in 2001 to the more recent adoption of a proactive environmental policy based on sustainable development in 2006 as well as a responsible procurement policy in 2008, Cirque du Soleil is not only looking for ways to balance its economic, social and environmental interests, but is also developing original and innovative ways to transform the world.