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Citizenship review 2010

A carbon balance sheet for moving forward

Since adopting its environmental policy in 2006, Cirque du Soleil has been persistent in its efforts to become a more environmentally responsible organization. Cirque wants to do its part with respect to the major issue that is climate change. In collaboration with Planetair—the climate program of the Unisféra Centre of Expertise on Sustainable Development—Cirque conducted an inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for its operations in 2009. This project, which continued in 2010, involved defining the quantification parameters, identifying emission sources, developing a data gathering and emissions calculation tool, and finally, quantifying the emissions.

The inventory is based on the ISO 14064 standard and contains data that will be used to benchmark changes in the amount of emissions generated by business unit and by type of activity at Cirque du Soleil. Starting next year, we will be disclosing the data for this change, taking the growth in the company’s operations into account. The inventory will be updated every year and will identify the most significant targets for reducing our GHG emissions.