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TOTEM adopts even greener practices

The OVO tour implemented a series of innovative environmental initiatives for our big top shows in 2009. In 2010, the TOTEM team took up the torch, doing even more to reduce its environmental impact.

Desktop computers were replaced by Energy Star-certified laptops (lighter and more energy efficient), LEDs were used to illuminate the stage floor, ramp and musician area, and an on-site energy-saving program was set up. Procurement initiatives such as buying from suppliers involved in social economy programs were implemented, while employees are now encouraged to use active transportation.

Customers, for their part, are encouraged to fill reusable bottles. Signs also invite spectators to bring their souvenir cups home with them. Almost half (48%) of the clothing for sale in the boutique—including the TOTEM collection—is made from organic cotton, and 15% has the Global Organic Textile Standard certification. Souvenirs include a new reusable bag made from organic cotton and vegetable inks, and a whole new line of products (jewellery, picture frames) made out of recycled materials. In addition, magnetic packaging has been completely eliminated.