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Cirque du Soleil

Creative Vision

In 2011, the company’s Creative Content Division initiated an analysis of the creative future of Cirque du Soleil. The result of this exercise, the Declaration of the creative vision of Cirque du Soleil, sits alongside the organization’s other significant statements, such as its mission, goal and values, as well as its code of ethics.

This tool, which expresses the company’s creative vision, is made up of 16 statements:

At Cirque du Soleil,

  1. we—as a unique organization—pursue growth through high-quality creative projects.
  2. we welcome creative challenges and foster risk-taking, excellence and creative audacity.
  3. we value the best ideas, regardless of their source.
  4. we maintain the quality of our shows, preserve the integrity of their concepts and support their evolution by placing them under the supervision of dedicated artistic teams.
  5. we stimulate growth and leverage our creativity by diversifying content and performance platforms. 
  6. we seek to create a number of works simultaneously, each one headed by dedicated and specialized creative teams.
  7. we have a distinctive creative process. We pledge to keep it alive so it can evolve in a constant drive for improvement to benefit all.
  8. we call on and attract creators from around the world, and we support them in choosing the best possible contributors.
  9. we use every creative project as a test vehicle and a means of incubating new ideas, and we develop partnerships with research groups around the world.
  10. we encourage Cirquesters' participation in spotting and sharing the latest creative trends around the world.
  11. we seek to ensure that the fruits of our labour and investment can always be felt onstage and in all our artistic creations.
  12. we maximize the life of our shows to make Cirque du Soleil accessible to as large an audience as possible.
  13. we prepare for the future by investing in the next generation of creative talent.
  14. we call on the generosity of our experienced people to maximize the transfer of organizational knowledge and memory.
  15. we encourage creators to challenge their limits within Cirque.
  16. we believe that the future of creation lies in Cirquesters' ability to give freedom of space to their creativity.