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Educational Tools

In 2000 Cirque du Soleil set up a training program aimed at developing the teaching skills of social circus instructors and community workers. Since the program was set up, social circus training courses were given to more than 2,000 participants from over 25 countries throughout the world and have reached some hundred different organizations, including our Cirque du Monde partners. As an example, in 2011, 17 international trainings were held, in which 295 circus instructors and community workers from 106 organizations in 15 countries took part.

Faced with such widespread interest and in response to the many expressed needs of our collaborators and partners, it became necessary to provide trainers, community workers, circus instructors as well as organizations hosting social circus initiatives with suitable training material regardless of which social environment they work in. This is why we undertook the creation of a series of educational tools, which aim to support and promote the development of social circus, and to enable all organizations involved in social circus to benefit from the expertise developed by Cirque du Soleil and its many partners since 1995.

One of these educational tools, Basic Techniques in Circus Arts, is now available to the general public. Other educational tools have also been developed exclusively for social circus practitioners, namely the Community Worker’s Guide, the Social Circus Trainer’s Guide as well as a handbook for participants.