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Cirque du Soleil

Carbon Reserve

Rather than buying carbon credits in order to become carbon neutral, Cirque du Soleil has, since 2011, decided to prioritize reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). An amount equivalent to a potential purchase of carbon credits is therefore put into a fund whose purpose is to contribute to innovative GHG reduction projects. This fund, which has been named carbon reserve, has made a financial contribution to many projects, whose impact was measured in 2012.

Among these projects, it is worth mentioning the purchase of three transformers for use during the Amaluna tour in Montreal. These transformers enabled to make a considerable reduction in our diesel consumption as, thanks to them, our team was able to connect to a local green energy source: hydroelectricity. In addition, in 2012 we made considerable use of the electricity grid in various territories. Our tour teams were, in fact, able to connect their equipment to the electricity grid in five different cities: Montreal, Quebec, Atlanta, Santa Monica and Zurich. These efforts will continue in 2013, with the aim of providing a greater number of our touring shows with a cleaner energy supply.

The projects funded in 2012 highlight our teams’ desire to improve the energy efficiency of our activities. Three of the major projects make an important contribution to the healthy energy management of our International Headquarters (IHQ) and will in fact make a significant reduction of its GHG emissions.