Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil

Sustainable Development Approach

In 2012, the organization saw the implementation of various sustainable development initiatives.

Several workshops on sustainable development were carried out throughout the year to explain this concept to employees and to identify ways of improving sustainable development within the organization. In fact, almost one hundred international headquarters employees from a variety of business units across the organization took part in these workshops. These gatherings enabled employees to get involved by calling on their expertise in the search for concrete sustainable development strategies for their sectors and the entire organization.

In order to obtain factual data relating to the waste produced and waste management methods, Cirque du Soleil appointed NI Environnement to generate a report classifying the waste generated, recovered and disposed of at the Amaluna show site during its stay in Quebec City. The analytical data obtained will help to identify possible courses of action to improve waste recovery and recycling rates.

As part of its Ethical Procurement Policy adopted in 2008, Cirque du Soleil carries out several projects each year. In 2012, the organization carried out a corporate life-cycle analysis of a piece of merchandise that was particularly popular amongst its customers: ceramic mugs. Working in collaboration with Groupe Agéco, an organization specializing in corporate life-cycle analysis, the study aimed to identify suppliers with the best corporate responsibility records. The findings of the study will provide guidance for our teams on this issue over the next few years.