• Moscow
    Children enthralled by Zarkana

    Location: Moscow

    During their visit to Russia, fifteen members of the Zarkana troupe led a circus workshop for children from Orphanage number 15 in the city of Moscow. The orphanage uses circus arts to initiate the children into the arts and develop their self-confidence.

    The Cirque du Soleil artists received a very warm welcome from the 110 children, aged 7 to 17, who had been looking forward to their arrival with great excitement. After the general warm-up, the children had the choice of six workshops: make-up, juggling, movement, dance and rhythm, aerial and capoeira. All the children had the opportunity to try the six disciplines. The workshop was a big hit, both with the spellbound children and with the Zarkana artists who felt moved and rewarded by their contribution.

    Lastly, during the Zarkana visit to Moscow, 60 children from the same orphanage also attended a performance of the show and afterwards met the artists, to share ideas take some pictures with them.