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Cirque du Monde: A Sharing Platform

Since Cirque du Monde early days, Cirque du Soleil has attempted to engage with members of the social circus community by sharing and exchanging knowledge.

It was in accordance with this philosophy of sharing that the Cirque du Monde Training Program was set up—over ten years ago now—in recognition of the importance of providing adequate training for Cirque du Monde circus instructors and community workers, so as to maximize the number of at-risk youth who could benefit from the program. The Training, which is given to the entire social circus community, aims to help instructors and community workers to run social circus workshops, develop strong personal and professional ethics, gain a better understanding of the overall context of social circus intervention and acquire the necessary skills to interact appropriately with at-risk youth in a varied multicultural context.

Since its creation, the Training was offered to more than 3,000 instructors and community workers in more than 50 different countries working within 150 organizations. The aim of the training is to encourage local organizations to be independent and can be summed up well by this Chinese proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Furthering the organization’s commitment to sharing and contribute, the Cirque du Monde Platform was set up in 2012 to share content exclusively dedicated to social circus and its community. As an online sharing forum and community practise development tool, the Platform is currently the only 2.0 meeting point bringing together almost 300 collaborators from the social circus world: organizations, researchers, academics, trainers, circus instructors, community workers, artists, etc. The wealth of material it contains and the huge numbers of visitors it receives (5,000 in 2012) means it has become indispensable to the social circus community.

Supported by its quality educational material and online sharing and collaboration Platform, the Cirque du Monde Training Program is now a leader in its field and actively contributes to the growth of the social circus community.