Cirque du Soleil
Cirque du Soleil

Summer Management Workshop

Cirque du Soleil employees very often share the same attributes as the organization itself: they are creative, passionate, innovative, committed and always ready for a challenge. These attributes often lead to fascinating pilot projects, as is the case with the TAPIS VERT summer management workshop. This pilot project captured the attention of the organization’s directors and, in June 2011, the very first edition got underway.

The original goal of TAPIS VERT was to forge links between members of senior management and non-management employees within the organization who are interested in the challenges of management. Around 15 Cirquesters were handpicked from various activity sectors within the organization and, over an intensive two-day period, they gained behind-the-scenes knowledge of the commercial realities at Cirque du Soleil. After various presentations given by the vice-presidents setting out the real issues facing the organization, participants were then invited to discuss, reflect and take part in workshops based on these issues to enable them to put forward potential solutions.

This pilot project created significant interest amongst members of the organization. In fact, 8 members of senior management and 16 Cirquesters took part in the first summer management workshop. In response to the enthusiasm for the project and the numerous benefits it offers, the organization decided to run the project again the following year. So, in 2012, the adventure continued. This time, 12 Circassiens took part.

The TAPIS VERT has positive consequences for the organization: it motivates participants and helps them to build relationships with each other, it stimulates their creativity, makes them aware of the organizational culture and allows them to see a different side of the business. The project has also produced spin-offs; in 2011, Guardian Angels, an initiative to encourage the quick and easy integration of new employees, was created.