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Curious onlookers and members alike are invited to get answers to questions about Cirque Club - Cirque du Soleil’s exclusive fan club - from how to join to how to enjoy all the privileges and perks membership brings!


Cirque Club Profile Issues

Why didn’t I received an alert about a Cirque Club pre-sale?

For technical reasons outside of our control, it is possible that some messages do not reach their destination. Sometimes, messages sent are blocked by filters or email address is blocked by the receiver’s server. It may also be a simply internet service provider issue. One thing is sure: we send messages to our members who have requested to receive the information.

Please note that emails are sent to active Cirque Club members. However, if your registration is recent and you have not receive a message, you will find all the links and promotions in the "Offers" section of the Cirque Club.



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