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Ha sido mucho más de lo que me esperaba, una verdadera maravilla para los sentidos. La música, las voces, los acróbatas, las danzarinas, todo en su conjunto ha sido la perfección, si una actuación era buena, la siguiente la superaba. Animo a todos a ir a verlo. Ketty - Donostia - 4/07/2014

Membre depuis juillet 2014


4 juillet 2014 16:43

I went to see this show on Sunday 15th June in Manchester and although the show was rather good it wasn't as spectacular as some of the other shows I have seen. I was most disappointed when the show finished 15mins earlier than advertised! The show didn't include 2 acts - the handbalancing act or the Medusa act.

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Lisa Silgram, Royaume-Uni

16 juin 2014 06:13

It was a fantastic show. My first time I have been to a love show and it blew me away. The acts were not a high risk as some of the other shows but it was wonderful!! I will definitely be going to see another show.

Membre depuis juin 2014

Chanel Tiltman, Royaume-Uni

16 juin 2014 03:16

I went to see Drallion with my friend on Saturday 7 June at the 02 in London. We were both very disappointed, the lighting was bad, and they made a lot of mistakes i.e. Jugglers dropping balls, skipping rope going over and performers not ready etc. In saying that we have both seen other Cirque shows and were amazed by them.

Membre depuis juin 2014

Jody Ann, Royaume-Uni

11 juin 2014 03:35

Distinctly average circus acts. I was led to believe that Cirque du Soleil is the best Circus on the planet. Over £200 for about 8 different types of acrobatics/circus acts. There was no comprehend-able story telling. There were mistakes - Mistakes happen, but not this many, and not in the worlds best circus. There was no 'wow' acts, all were just ok to mildy impressive. Second half of the act must have been the dregs of the performers. Maybe the company should stop spreading themselves so thin

Membre depuis novembre 2013

Jon Tarala, Royaume-Uni

10 juin 2014 17:11

Great Cirque show. Really enjoyed at the o2 in London.

Membre depuis novembre 2009

Chris Maddams, Royaume-Uni

10 juin 2014 03:03

Ignore the haters! AMAZING! Beautiful production, which cannot be described in words! I was speechless for the entire show, from the lighting, costumes, artists, vocalists and band I could not fault any of it! Thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend to anyone! Not to be missed in this lifetime!

Membre depuis juin 2014

Stewart Croker, Royaume-Uni

9 juin 2014 08:15

Saw this at the O2 on 8th June - absolutely speechless! I can't even begin to imagine the effort and the training that has been put in to give such an outstanding performance. The acrobatics, the dancing, the music, the vocals, the clowns, the costumes, even the makeup - all of it was absolutely perfect. Thank you all for such a marvellous show - I will be sure to see more from now on!

Membre depuis juin 2014

Zoë Lykourgou, Royaume-Uni

8 juin 2014 17:39

Saw the show at the 02 on Friday 6th June. Very disappointed. A disjointed performance with some high points in the first half but found the second half to be a complete waste. I will not be returning to watch any more performances. He first two I saw were very good.

Membre depuis juin 2014

Chris Mitchell, Royaume-Uni

7 juin 2014 16:50

Saw Dralion in the Dublin O2 on 31/5. Show was amazing in places (acrobats were all really impressive) but it really didn't come together as a show, didn't really get the east meets west thing at all. Enjoyment of the show was also spoiled as, despite having what we thought were good seats (block D, row 31) we had a seriously restricted view of the circular part of the stage. €160 is way too much to be paying to not be able to see a show properly. Would not go to see cirque in O2 again.

Membre depuis juin 2014

Rachel Strahan, Irlande

2 juin 2014 08:22

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