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An extreme disappointment. The entire show builds on the final scene. The most important scene. The final battle and it’s replaced with horrible projected computer graphics. Just . . . Haven’t the producers of the show every heard of “The show must go on!” ? Anyone reviewing this before going to see it, please don’t go see it, it’s no longer worth the money. Cirque Du Soleil shows are typically spectacular, so go see others, just not KA.

Membre depuis juillet 2014

David Kalinoski, États-Unis

25 juillet 2014 13:31

I was extremely disappointed. My best friend ranted and raved about this show, so my partner and I promptly got tickets when we travelled to LV last week. How sad. I was literally yawning throughout the show! I even commented to him about the CGI Animation rather than a live act. I feel so cheated and am not sure I will ever see another Cirque show again. And I can't help but wonder if anyone from Cirque will read this!

Membre depuis juillet 2014

Jennifer Cawdell, Canada

1 juillet 2014 16:40

I brought 6 other guests to see this show which I recommended. What an embarrassment! Besides the stage and theater being amazing, there were only 2 acts that were worth watching. I was falling asleep. I told the other guests, if they didn't love the show, it would be on me. I've seen over 50 Cirque performances, this was probably my last.

Membre depuis novembre 2007

Tim Luporini, États-Unis

30 juin 2014 09:48

Yet another "i should have read the reviews here before..." I cannot believe they replaced the final battle with that poor CGI animation.. ruined the show as i feel cheated right on the most important scene... huge disappointment. No wonder the show was almost empty when other Cirque show are fully booked.

Membre depuis mai 2014

Ismael Peinado, États-Unis

9 mai 2014 03:56

i have been to the show on march 27 2014 and i have should read all these reviews. Because the final scene ruined the show for me. I was realy looking forward to see the show and the final act. The whole show was calm and not enchanting, so the final act could save it. But than i noticed it was a projection of the scene, what an embarresment. I immediatly went to one of the people of the show, and they mentioned the accident last year. You schould inform the people. The show is expensive

Membre depuis août 2010

Henri Post, Pays-Bas

4 avril 2014 10:56

What a disappointment. This show is missing the live music, interactive stage and cast, humour, artistry, and feats present in every other CDS show. "The funniest part was the beach scene!" Without that turtle no-one would have laughed. "The captivity scene was exciting and the best!" Kooza pulled this one off a thousand times better. "I understand the safety concern for the CGI climax." I would have been so pleased with a horizontal battle. Go see Mystere instead. You won't regret that!

Membre depuis mai 2009

Monica Gonzalez, États-Unis

19 mars 2014 03:12

As soon as you enter the theatre you become part of the performance environment. The performance and technical aspects were stunning with the exception of the final battle scene. I agree with the other reviewers that it does not fit in with the show. I understand that this scene was redone after the unfortunate death of a performer in July 2013 but is this the best Cirque could do afterwards by presenting a long and boring out of focus battle scene? Add something new or cut the scene.

Membre depuis mars 2014

Robert von Kuster, Canada

15 mars 2014 02:25

I saw the show about a year ago and thought it was absolutely amazing, but I just saw it a second time, and they replaced the final battle with an awkward CGI video that's hard to follow and is a hugely disappointing finale. I understand the safety concerns, but a battle with real people on a horizontal surface would be vastly better. It ruined the show for me, and I was embarrassed I had taken my 6 friends with. I would have seen a different show had I known. It's not worth seeing as is.

Membre depuis mars 2014

David Tarico, États-Unis

11 mars 2014 21:10

I'd seen the show a year ago and thought it was absolutely amazing, but I just saw it again, and because of the accident last year they have replace the final battle with a CGI video that is hard to follow and is a hugely disappointing way to end. It ruined the show for me, and I was embarrassed I had my six friends see it with me. Even live people battling on a horizontal surface would have been far better. I wish I'd known ahead of time and would have chosen a different show.

Membre depuis mars 2014

David Tarico, États-Unis

11 mars 2014 20:26

Ka use to be my favorite show in Vegas but now they have cut out the ending showing a lame laser version instead, it is so disappointing and not worth seeing anymore. It is false advertising that they are not telling people about this change. So sad.

Membre depuis février 2014

Greig Wells, États-Unis

19 février 2014 03:48

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