La Nouba à Orlando, FL

Floride, États-Unis
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Walt Disney World® Resort - Downtown Disney

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This was one of the most spectacular, correction, this WAS the most spectacular thing I have ever seen on stage. It was the highlight of my trip to Orlando. While I loved Walt Disney World and the parks, NONE of them can hold a candle to La Nouba. I would go back to Orlando just to see it again. It was worth every single penny and then some.

Membre depuis avril 2014

Brian Hughes, États-Unis

16 avril 2014 07:46

Acabei de comprar 05 ingressos para Maio de 2014. Compra super fácil e rápida. Em minutos já recebi meus etiquets via e-mail. Agora é esperar para assistir ao show.

Membre depuis avril 2013


15 avril 2014 22:27

i saw it november last year, front row seats. one of the cons ( the men with white and blue makeup) gave me a high five when the man in the next seat over was chosen to do a trick on stage. the music was fantastic, and everyone loved it

Membre depuis décembre 2013

Patricia Lopez, États-Unis

4 avril 2014 22:57

We expected a lot from this show and it surpassed that! The acrobatics, choreography, music, vocals, scenery, costumes and lighting all come together for an amazing experience of live art! So many things happening on the stage it is hard to absorb it all! Definitely one of the best things in all of Disney!

Membre depuis avril 2014

doug Ferrell, États-Unis

3 avril 2014 17:06

The show was awe-inspiring, even if a trapeze artist fell. There is so much going on at once and the choreography is amazing. The clowns were fun even if it's not the best Cirque story. If you are near Disney, it's worth the time and money - - you won't be disappointed.

Membre depuis août 2013

Joy Lazaroff, États-Unis

25 mars 2014 17:27

Okay so when we waked in to Lanouba we were told our tickets were for yesterday! I looked and they were right! Right away the guy said "hang on we'll get this figured out" and called over their manager. The manager immediately offered us front row seats or seats right behind the ones we originally purchased. We were in amazing seats, front and center! Who knew there was still a company out there that is still in the business of customer service! Show was AMAZING too!!

Membre depuis mars 2014

Kelly LaFaber, États-Unis

20 mars 2014 13:07

i like good show cirque du soleil la nouba. call (409)779-9232 michelle call email lawrenceschirmer31@outlook.com and michelleschirmer@gmail.com call facebook

Membre depuis juillet 2013

Lawrence Schirmer, États-Unis

21 janvier 2014 07:28

I'm trying to visit to Orlando to see La Nouva in May 2014, with my daughter from JAPAN. I'd like to know when will NOT perform in May . Last year, May 14-18 and May 21-25 were not available to see the show So, I want to know the schedule in May 2014.

Membre depuis février 2014

Seishi Miura, Japon

15 janvier 2014 02:02

I would not recommend anyone to go to this show. I purchased gift cards for my parents to use to see the show last night and they were told they could not use the full amount of the gift cards and that they would have a credit on the card to go to a future show. My dad had to pay additional out of his pocket and he is never going to use the remaining balance on the gift card because of the inconvenience and poor customer service that he received... Save your time and money and don't go here!!

Membre depuis décembre 2013

Brian McCallion, États-Unis

12 janvier 2014 12:57

I purchased tickets on line and was not given a chance to pick seats. Received the tickets with what must be the worst seats in the house. How can I change seats????

Membre depuis janvier 2014

Christine King, États-Unis

5 janvier 2014 09:49

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