TOTEM à Perth, WA

Australie-Occidentale, Australie
Débute le 31 juillet 2015

Belmont Racecourse


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«Un chef-d'oeuvre à couper le souffle, drôle et émouvant. Robert Lepage s'est surpassé pour permettre la naissance de l'un des plus grands spectacles du Cirque à ce jour.»
Nicolas Ouellet, RockDétente Québec
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I have seen a number of Cirque shows in Sydney and have been impressed with them all, that is until I saw Totem. For the first time I was actually bored during the show. I kept looking to the roof hoping that there would be some sort of aerial act. I have since found out by looking at the website that 2 acts were omitted. I was very disappointed with Totem and will now think twice before forking out so much money for tickets.

Membre depuis février 2012

Leigh McIndoe, Australie

23 novembre 2014 17:01

I've seen 3 cirque shows now and more online and this one did not compare at all. Firstly there was no trapeze or Russian bar act which was very disappointing. Secondly the story didn't make any sense whatsoever. I thought, because it was about evolution, that the show would be in some kind of chronological order, but it kept on jumping from one "time" to another. I know, I go for the acrobatics, but I stay for the story. The individual acts were okay, but the whole thing didn't match at all

Membre depuis novembre 2014

Madeleine Sabulis, Australie

23 novembre 2014 07:51

See comments below

Membre depuis novembre 2014

Greg Wright, Australie

14 novembre 2014 07:44

My family and I were very disappointed with Totem. We had seen another cirque du soleil show years ago that was absolutely fantastic, it was gripping to watch, artistic, skilled, adventurous and funny, Totem however has very little of this, yes there is laughter and yes the acts are still good, but nowhere near where they should be for the price you pay and the expectations you have from cirque. If you've never seen one of there shows then you will enjoy, but we felt let down and disappointed.

Membre depuis novembre 2014

Greg Wright, Australie

14 novembre 2014 07:43

Simply awesome show, first time I have taken my kids who came away saying it was fantastic, and talking about wanting to go again. The show was faultless. The talent of your performers is mesmerising, as always. My daughter wants to join Cirque du Soleil now. A big thank you to all the performers, and everyone who helps put the show together. It was such a buzz to see you again.

Membre depuis avril 2004

Tim Steele, Australie

13 novembre 2014 19:15

what a wonderful show! full of glitz, sparkle and amazing talent. TOTEM was unbelievable!! To the people who are leaving 'disappointed' comments- I would like to see all of you up on the stage completing any of these fine acts. Can't wait for the next show in Sydney!!! Thank you for a fantastic night.

Membre depuis novembre 2014

sarah lakiss, Australie

9 novembre 2014 05:49

This is the 5th Cirque Du Soleil performance I have been lucky enough to see, and will probably be the last. Totem lacked any finesse, magic, creativity or point. I have never been left so disappointed by a production. Make sure you have seats front and centre of the stage or you will be unable to see much of the show. Two of the "acts" made obvious mistakes and our children were asking to go home even before intermission. Terrible CDS - just terrible : (

Membre depuis novembre 2014

Cassy Gilbert, Australie

8 novembre 2014 19:09

We had the pleasure of seeing Totem last night Sat 1 November. Truly an amazing experience, what an incredible show. Hats off Cirque Du Soleil,keep coming back to Australia - highly recommended and great value for money - 11/10 for an excellent night out - inspirational talent, people, choreography, the show has it all. Steve B Sydney.

Membre depuis mai 2014

steven baker, Australie

1 novembre 2014 19:56

I have seen 3 CDS shows so naturally I was extremely excited when I saw Totem was coming to Sydney. Having been totally mesmerised by the other shows, I was very disappointed in Totem. It lacked the gobsmackingly, amazing finess and showmanship that CDS is famously known for. Even more disappointed in "technical difficulties" that left the audience waiting for more than 20 minutes for the show to resume. A comment heard on leaving the show... "were they the apprentices?"

Membre depuis octobre 2014

Loretta Tuccia, Australie

30 octobre 2014 01:02

Just came back from the show. It was a first show of this scale I have ever went where you cant see any animals. I am vegetarian so i loved that only acrobats perform in it. All performance was brilliant, nice story. I took my 10 y.old child and she was sometimes scared so was I, so I have no regrets of not taking my 7 y.o and mother who is very sensitive to risking acts. Choreography is great, amusements great. Would recommend to older kids or adults. We enjoyed the show would recommend it

Membre depuis octobre 2014

Iryna Bilyk, Australie

28 octobre 2014 12:08

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