TOTEM à Vancouver, BC

Colombie Britannique, Canada
Débute le 15 mai 2014

Concord Pacific Place


Ce que les médias disent au sujet du spectacle

«Un chef-d'oeuvre à couper le souffle, drôle et émouvant. Robert Lepage s'est surpassé pour permettre la naissance de l'un des plus grands spectacles du Cirque à ce jour.»
Nicolas Ouellet, RockDétente Québec
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Very disappointed with this performance. And disappointed there was no obvious warnings for people with Epilepsy and visually stimulated seizures.

Membre depuis avril 2014


14 avril 2014 19:06

Sadly disappointing. We saw Kooza when it was here and it was breathtaking. As my daughter said about this show, it was more like a talent show than a circus. Yes, all of the performers are talented, hard working and can do things with their bodies no ordinary human can do. But they kept clearing the whole stage for one act at a time, and with a couple of brief exceptions they just weren't entertaining enough to hold your attention. I was actually bored. So sad.

Membre depuis mai 2010

Teddy Angert, États-Unis

9 avril 2014 05:27

I just got back from the show in PDX. Excellent performance! I have seen Corteo, Zarkana, Zumanity, Varekai and Kooza. I like them all, but Totem is my favorite as of today. The performance was flawless, not even the slightest misstep. The New World vs Old World theme was respectful to all cultures and boils down to a hat tip to humanity and the many flavors of life. The music was also fantastic! Great job!

Membre depuis mars 2006

Robert Glasgow, États-Unis

6 avril 2014 02:01

One of the very best. From the moment "life is sparked on earth" until the very last "celebration of life dance" this is a visual, emotional and joyous treat. It feels permanent, but the charm of the tent never leaves you. The vocal performances are dazzling and moving. Somehow Cirque performers never fail to deliver, inspire and amaze. Nothing but fun! As my son said after we took him to his first Cirque du Soleil "you just feel like a better person because you have seen it." TRUE THAT!

Membre depuis mars 2014

Jill Tornay, États-Unis

31 mars 2014 18:20

BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE! Thank you, CDS! Everything was amazing- tricks and costumes! I liked the white skating dance a lot, it is a very good idea! All the best to you, CDS!

Membre depuis mars 2014

enkoyo yoenko, États-Unis

7 mars 2014 13:36

You can't totally pan any Cirque show; a lot of thought and work by very talented performers goes into each one. That being said this one fell way flat. The comedic aspect was very French, that is to say, influenced by the School of Jerry Lewis. If you like slapstick in Speedos you'll love this. Me not so much. The acts, while interesting independently, felt very cobbled together. Has Cirque become so large (Bloated?) that they just travel the world hiring random troupes and calling it a show?

Membre depuis mars 2014

Kevin MacLean, États-Unis

3 mars 2014 12:17

Saw the show last night - it was fantastic. The set was amazing, the performers were so good. We sat in front of the sound board center stage 12 rows up - just perfect evening under the tent, despite the rain! Seen all the CdS shows in Vegas - these tent shows are so good as it is much more difficult to pull off the CdS "experience" under a tent, than in a theater. The band was particularly good... can't say enuf about this show - go see it!!!! we even parked next to the tent for $6.00!!!

Membre depuis mars 2014

joe luttrell, États-Unis

1 mars 2014 22:08

Totem in Santa Monica was terrible. We have been to all of the CDS shows at least once, a number of them 3 or 4 times. This was flat, uncreative with few high points. Save your money.

Membre depuis février 2014

Lars Hellerud, États-Unis

23 février 2014 22:27

Totem was horrible in comparison to the other shows I've seen by Cirque. Half the people left at half time. The music was too loud and harsh. the only thing good was the shuttle service and the set design. There were no new or inventive items in the show. The wow factor was missing.

Membre depuis avril 2003

Dibbeena Kaur, États-Unis

21 février 2014 12:24

Got our VIP tickets plus the Behind the Scenes tour for Totem in Auckland in Sept 2014, can't wait! Been to every single one of the Cirque du Soleil shows in NZ, I am always in awe and overwhelmed by the amazing performances! So excited!

Membre depuis juillet 2013

Albert Chan, Nouvelle Zélande

20 février 2014 03:30

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