Cirque du Soleil (シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ)では、各種ショーのプレスキット、会社情報を用意しております。


「 コルテオ 」 はイタリア語で " 行列 " を意味し、 道化師 の 想像 の世界での 楽しい お 祭り の パレードです 。アクターの情熱とアクロバットの優雅さ と 力を 合わせもつこのショーは、 天と地の間の不思議な空間 生まれる 、楽しくコミカルでのびのびとした 世界に観客を誘います。

優しい天使に そっと 見つめられながら 、 道化師は カーニバルのような雰囲気の中で行われる自分自身の葬式を描きます。大きいものと小さいもの、滑稽さと悲劇、 完璧な魔法と 不完全なものの 魅力が重なり合い、ショーは道化師の強さと弱さと同時に知恵と優しさにも焦点をあて、私たちの中にある人間的な部分を 描 き出し ます 。 交互に奏でられる 抒情 的な音楽と 陽気 な音楽 が、 幻想が現実をからかう かのような、 時を超えた 祭典「コルテオ」を際立たせています 。


チリ, ペルーツアー


Corteo - 演目紹介

  • アダージョ・デュエット

    This masterful, tender pas-de-deux using contortion and hand-balancing is performed by a duo of little people, on a vertical ring set into a pivoting platform.

  • マリオネット

    Like a live puppet, an artist marionette suddenly appears in an innovative, rigging apparatus to play with the Dead Clown in a setting which evokes a beach scene from his childhood.

  • バウンシング・ベッド

    Like a gaggle of young kids playing in their grandparents’ room, six artists jump on two 600-pound beds that move on rotating platforms. In a playful atmosphere, they perform acrobatic feats, each more daring than the last.

  • シャンデリア

    Four women, the Dead Clown’s former loves, come together in dreamlike joy. They perform aerial acrobatics on three giant chandeliers that spin above the Dead Clown’s bed.

  • クリスタルグラス&チベタン・ボール

    Implored by the Dead Clown and the Giant as they prepare to perform a haunting melody on crystal glasses, the Loyal Whistler, a whistling virtuoso, showcases his remarkable talent in a breathtaking performance.

  • シル・ホイール

    Four artists perform solos and group figures on Cyr wheels. The simplicity of the Cyr wheel’s line—a pure circle—sets off the intricate and energetic performance.

  • デュオ・ストラップ

    In this mesmerizing act, a duet use aerial straps to create a magical and tender connection that enchants the audience with beautiful displays of agility, balance, and strength.

  • ゴルフ

    To the sound of bagpipes, a patch of green light appears, suggesting a golf course scene. The Giant walks on stage, intent on giving it his best shot!

  • ヘリウムダンス

    A tender and poetic moment between the Dead Clown and his Little Clowness that bespells the audience with child-like delight.

  • ジャグリング

    Four young artists perform fast-moving feats of prowess in a surprising act that blends juggling and acrobatics. With unsurpassed style, they defy the law of gravity as they juggle successively with rings, hoops and clubs.

  • ラダー

    A ladder specialist amazes the audience with his unnerving balance and finesse as he performs on various ladders, trying desperately to reach the angel who is watching him from above.

  • リトル・ホース

    A couple of “pantomime horses”, each inhabited by two artists, give the Small Clown a hard time. By turns, the Little Horse and the Little Mare will try to break free from their trainer’s grip.

  • パラダイス

    By superimposing a trampoline-like net and three Korean frame stations placed further apart from one another than ever seen before, a universe is created in which high-flying and bouncing come together, as if it were the most natural thing in the world, in a single breathtaking act.

  • テアトロ・インティモ

    When eight characters pile into a miniature theatre to present "Romeo and Juliette," confusion upstages them all. Expect the unexpected in this madcap performance.

  • ティーターボード

    Surrounded by two groups of artists lending rhythm to the act with their voices and percussion work, three acrobats redefine teeterboard technique in an act where speed is rivalled only by complexity.

  • タイトワイヤー

    Surrounded by angels six-metres above the ground, a young woman dances across a tight-wire using point shoes, a unicycle, multiple hoops, and her bare feet. Then, she challenges gravity by climbing a 40-degree diagonal tight-wire to disappear into the heavens some 40-feet in the air.

  • ツアーニク

    Eight artists cross paths in an act which marries horizontal bar techniques with circus arts. The artists perform on a central cube-shaped structure, with two additional bars on each side of the cube. The various parts of the structure turn, sometimes all in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions... just to keep everyone on their toes!