Cirque du Soleil stelt informatiemappen beschikbaar aan de pers over de verschillende shows en over het bedrijf.


Een 3000 jaar oude traditie van Chinese acrobatische kunsten komt samen met de multidisciplinaire benadering van Cirque du Soleil in Dralion, een show die zijn inspiratie haalt uit de Oosterse filosofie en de eeuwige zoektocht naar harmonie tussen mens en natuur. De naam van de show is afgeleid van twee symbolische wezens: de draak, als symbool voor het Oosten, en de leeuw, als symbool voor het Westen.

In Dralion nemen de vier elementen die de natuur vormen een menselijke vorm aan. Elk element wordt vertegenwoordigd door een eigen herkenbare kleur: lucht is blauw, water is groen, vuur is rood en aarde is oker. In de wereld van Dralion smelten culturen samen, worden mens en natuur één en is alles in balans.


Reist rond in Canada, de VS

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Dralion - Costumes

The primary sources of inspiration for the costumes of Dralion come from China, India and Africa. The palette favors vibrant solid colors, while the shapes are guided by the artists’ movements and choreography.

Each of the four elements and its associated family are represented by their own unique color. Blue is identified with air, green symbolizes water, red is for fire, and ochre represents the earth.


  • Over 5,000 meters (16,000 feet) of fabric were used in creating the costumes;
  • The fabrics come from regions around the globe, including China, the United States, Italy, France, England and Quebec;
  • Materials that might be considered unusual were used in creating costumes and accessories: horse hair, raffia, metal, window screen, emu feathers, crystals, styrofoam, plastic, bubble wrap, fun fur, springs and an array of hardware items;
  • To create the texture on the chest plate of the singer’s costume, bugs were glued on and then molded into different shapes;
  • The artisans at the Cirque du Soleil costume workshop in Montreal worked for over three months fabricating the original costumes, hats, wigs and footwear required for Dralion. New costumes are continuously made.
  • The majority of the Dralion costumes are custom-made for each artist, including shoes and head pieces.
  • Dralion has close to 1,500 costume pieces including shoes, hats and accessories.
  • The Dralion wardrobe team includes 4 permanent touring staff and 3 local wardrobe employees in each city. The wardrobe team is responsible for maintaining and repairing all costumes.
  • The Dralion tour travels with washers and dryers because most costume pieces are machine washable and then hung to dry.
  • Over 300 pairs of shoes are cleaned and painted by hand every week.