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Amazing as always thank you cirque!!! :)

Lid sinds maart 2011

Lachlan atwell, Australië

zaterdag 24 januari 2015 9:35

It was fantastic... Our first Cirque experience. Have been wanting to go for many years but lucky to go to Totem 2015. Will definitely go again...I expect differences from each theme so not sure about the other comments. This was a great first experience so if it gets better it will be a nice bonus. Loved the girls on the unicycles and the crystal twins? All the other acts were entertaining too. James & Lily

Lid sinds januari 2015

James Nott, Australië

vrijdag 9 januari 2015 9:56

My first Cirque Du Soleil experience, shared with my 9 year old daughter. Wow. What a magical experience. The performers are out of this world and I can only imagine the hours they must train. This truly was a great spectacle. Costumes, sound, lighting and acrobatics. Thank you CDS.

Lid sinds december 2014

Jacqui Legender, Australië

vrijdag 9 januari 2015 6:31

Hi, saw the show last night (30th Dec)and really enjoyed it. The seats were very small and you felt a little squashy...But the acts were fantastic....did not get the evolution theme at all but a great night out....would go again !!!

Lid sinds augustus 2014

Patricia Clare, Australië

woensdag 31 december 2014 3:36

My first Cirque Du Solei show and all I can say is WOW!! From performers, Live Music, lighting to the detailed Costumes to the stage set and effects, this show was by far beyond what I expected. I take my hat off to everyone involved in bringing this show to life. I have already booked tickets to see it again in another state. Thanks CDS for an amazing night.

Lid sinds december 2014

Luis Tapiki, Australië

zondag 7 december 2014 23:10

My wife and I have previously seen a show but this was my 2 daughters first. They were both mesmerized and couldn't stop talking about it. Fantastic show, never dull and full of inventive ideas. The previous comments regarding not enough of the previous circ performances need to open up their minds a bit. Highly recommended and the best value for money you will ever have.

Lid sinds december 2014

ken watson, Australië

zondag 7 december 2014 8:31

This is the first time my children have been old enough to appreciate the remarkable feats of artistry displayed by the performers...their first question was 'when can we go again?'. Sitting near the front was brilliant - to see the detail of the costumes and make-up was a treat. I don't expect a clear narrative from these shows just out of this world physical skill and once again Cirque du Soleil lived up to my expectations. Worth every cent and the drive from Canberra.

Lid sinds december 2014

Trish Batchelor, Australië

zaterdag 6 december 2014 17:24

I have been to 3 or 4 previous shows so was looking forward to Totem but was very disappointed the timeline jumped around it did not grab me like the other shows I felt it did not have the magic that OVO had I felt like it was a cheaper production also twice I had cast in front of me blocking my view of the act for minutes at a time...not good enough Cirque !!!!

Lid sinds januari 2008

Helen Jack, Australië

zondag 30 november 2014 6:38

What an utter disappointment! I too have seen numerous upon numerous Cirque Du Soleil shows and never once have I wanted my money back. After seeing Totem on Sunday the 23rd of November, I left knowing I had been cheated of three pivotal acts that were not performed - no Douple Trapeze, no Hand Balancing and no Russian Bars! Cannot believe that Cirque thinks it is ok to charge an exorbitant amount of money for a falsely advertised show!

Lid sinds februari 2006

Laura Kerr, Australië

vrijdag 28 november 2014 23:58

I have seen a number of Cirque shows in Sydney and have been impressed with them all, that is until I saw Totem. For the first time I was actually bored during the show. I kept looking to the roof hoping that there would be some sort of aerial act. I have since found out by looking at the website that 2 acts were omitted. I was very disappointed with Totem and will now think twice before forking out so much money for tickets.

Lid sinds februari 2012

Leigh McIndoe, Australië

zondag 23 november 2014 17:01

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