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Terrific night, costumes, music, set design all the acts shone. Would definitely go again.

Lid sinds augustus 2014

ALICIA ASHBY, Nieuw-Zeeland

zaterdag 30 augustus 2014 22:13

This is the sixth CDS production that we've attended and was yet another mesmerising, jaw dropping and mind blowing experience I've seen. Nothing less than a slick well polished production with stunning costumes, impressive staging and fantastic performers. Was stoked to see CDS return to NZ under the Grand Chapiteau!

Lid sinds januari 2003

Dave McConnell, Nieuw-Zeeland

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014 18:00

I went to TOTEM tonight and it was amazing. The talent is out of this world! The only thing that annoyed me is the comedy because I got a box of popcorn tipped on my head TWICE during the show. I know that it's just part of the whole being funny thing but I found it kind of humiliating lol. Ohwell, I would still definately go again but please stay away from the young girl in the front row, comedians!!!!

Lid sinds augustus 2014

Natashia L, Nieuw-Zeeland

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014 9:06

Went to see the dress rehearsal in Auckland last night.....this show is a must see....a once in a lifetime experience....ABSOLOUTLEY BRILLIANT.

Lid sinds augustus 2014

Heijo May, Nieuw-Zeeland

donderdag 21 augustus 2014 17:19

Saw the show on its last night in Vancouver. Was baffled by the poor reviews below; while the theme is not as cohesive as other Cirque shows, the individual performances were stunning and performers gave 110% to entertain us. We were close enough to see the effort put in! Music is dynamic, upbeat and fun. Will not spoil the individual performances, but there is some dazzling acrobatics and some very high-skill bodyweight acts that left the crowd gasping. Recommended, especially for first timers!

Lid sinds november 2013

Stella B, Canada

zondag 6 juli 2014 21:16

Phenomenal show...the third I've seen the first in Vancouver...always had great seats but the show Totem under the Grand Chapiteau was truly the best performance. Two hours of entertainment felt like 20 minutes. I loved it!! I will return. Thank you Lise H.

Lid sinds januari 2014

Lise Hiscock, Canada

zaterdag 28 juni 2014 3:58

Excellent show! However, BIKERS BEWARE. There are apparently no suitable bike racks near the TOTEM site in Vancouver We were told by staff to lock our bikes to the nearby fence where there were regular patrols. Unfortunately, we had our bike stolen during the show, which seriously dampened the evening. There has also been very poor communication between the staff at Cirque and their partners on site that we have been in touch with. Anyway, a wonderful experience, but two unhappy customers.

Lid sinds juni 2014

Dave Toews, Canada

vrijdag 13 juni 2014 18:43

Attended the show in Vancouver on June 1st. This would be our 6th show and once again it was incredible. WE always anxiously await the next show in Vancouver and have yet to be disppointed in the least by any of the performances we have seen. If I had one complaint, I'd say that CdS doesn't come to twon often enough.

Lid sinds december 2007

Dave Brewin, Canada

maandag 2 juni 2014 20:39

I felt so uncomfortable with the extreme stereotyping of certain cultures-it went way beyond expression and deeply into exploitation.One act depicted an Aboriginal "wedding ceremony" creating a racialized sexualized image of an Aboriginal young woman,without portraying any true traditional Aboriginal ceremony or ritual.Given the high level of racialized sexual violence against Aboriginal women in Canada,this type of “artistic expression” should never hit the stage,especially as “entertainment”

Lid sinds mei 2014

Alana MacHattie, Canada

dinsdag 27 mei 2014 14:41

Bought 3 tickets ($315 total) and when the 3 of us went to sit down, we could see that the huge pillars in the tent would present a problem for viewing the show at different times during the night. It seems that quite a bit of the show takes place between the 2 stages, exactly in line with the pillar, so we didn't see about 1/4 of the show. For the amount we COULD see, we shouldn't have had to pay so much. I don't think I would go again. We were very disappointed.

Lid sinds januari 2008

laurlayn oreilly, Canada

zondag 25 mei 2014 16:56

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