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利用太阳剧团的综艺方式熔化拥有 3000 年历史的中国杂技艺术,超越极限 (Dralion) 从东方哲学和其对人类与自然之间的和谐共处的永无止境的寻求当中获得灵感。该演出的名称来源于其两个标志性生物: 龙,象征东方;狮子,象征西方。

Dralion 中,管控自然规律的四大元素披上了人类的外形。因此,被形象化的每个元素都由其各自的唤起色表示: 空气是蓝色;水是绿色;火是红色;大地是赭色。在 Dralion 的世界里,各种文化相融合,人类与自然合为一体,并且平衡得以实现。


加拿大, 美国 的巡演


Dralion - Set Design

A mammoth structure creates the huge backdrop that dominates the stage. This metallic set piece is 60 feet wide and 26 feet tall and is suggestive of a futuristic Chinese temple or a giant plate of medieval armor.

The most imposing feature is the wall which spans the full length of the stage. Covered with perforated aluminum tiles, the wall is strong and resilient while giving the impression of being light and flexible. The six giant claws attached to the structure allow artists to climb and suspend themselves from the wall.

Three concentric aluminum rings are suspended high above the stage. The first serves as a catwalk for performers and technicians. The second is used to support technical and acrobatic equipment, including the enormous lantern that descends at the end of the first half of the show. The third ring is used to move performers up, down and through the world of Dralion.