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“KOOZA” 為我們講述了一個憂鬱而孤僻的笨蛋在世界上尋找其容身之地的故事。

“KOOZA” 是太陽劇團一部返樸歸真的作品:它結合了兩種馬戲傳統 —— 雜技表演和丑角藝術。表演用強調大膽的戲劇幽昧的混合色彩,突出了人類活動在所有其光輝和脆弱方面的物質需要。

笨蛋的旅程使他接觸了多種多樣的人物:國王、魔術師、扒手和令人生厭的旅客,還有他的調皮狗。 在堅強和脆弱之間,在笑聲與微笑之間,在混亂和協調之間,“KOOZA” 探索了畏懼、身份、認同和權力的主題。本劇在一個充滿驚奇、震撼、失意、大膽的,令人震驚和異域風情和囊括一切的視覺世界中展開。


德国, 英国, 瑞士 的巡演


KOOZA - 表演

  • 椅子平衡表演

    The equipment is as simple as it gets: eight chairs and a pedestal. But in this act, the artist uses them to create a 23-foot tower on which to perform a balancing act that displays the human body at the very peak of condition and muscular control.

  • 滑稽音乐

    The 19 artists of the House Troupe burst into action off the top of the show, combining acrobatics, rapid-fire costume changes and rebounds from three miniature trampolines set in the stage. The act highlights include human pyramids, bodies flying through the air and a "crash bash" – a daring dive into a circle of fabric inspired by the "Nalukauq," the traditional Inuit game of "Blanket Toss" and the landing mats used by firefighters.

  • 柔体杂技

    Young performers work in harmony and unison to bring a new approach to the art of contortionism. What sets this number apart is the artists' innovations in movements and position, their speed, and the way they work as a team to create tableaux of sculptural beauty.

  • 对手顶

    Never losing contact, two strong, flexible performers move almost imperceptibly, assuming positions impossible without an impeccable sense of balance. The artists call on their sensitivity and powers of concentration in their quest for perfect harmony. Their act is testimony to the natural beauty of the human body.

  • 钢丝

    The twin high wires criss-cross diagonally stage left to stage right at 15 and 25 feet above the stage, and the four tightrope walkers add their own tension to the 6,600 pound load on each rope.

  • 圆环操作

    A hoops act with such a high level of difficulty is a rare demonstration of skill and the KOOZA artist is one of the best in the world. Combining fluidity of movement, physical contortion, exceptional balance and impressive dexterity, her performance is out of this world, whether she is spinning one, two, three, or even seven hoops simultaneously.

  • 单人秋千

    The trapeze is installed stage left to stage right – a Cirque-created innovation. But the act goes beyond the stage setting and the artist's display of physical mastery. There is drama in the personalities as she interacts with The Trickster, and that adds even more dynamic undertones to the visual thrills and delights.

  • 跷跷板

    The Teeterboard flings artists into the air, where they execute quintuple twisting somersaults – and that's just the prelude for acrobats doing the same thing over 30 feet above the stage with double and single metal stilts strapped to their legs.

  • 双人独轮脚踏车表演

    A twist on the classic unicycle number introduces a passenger to the action. The two performers create a pas de deux in constant motion around the stage in a combination of balance, acrobatic control, physical strength, choreographic grace and a spirit of partnership.