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“KOOZA” 為我們講述了一個憂鬱而孤僻的笨蛋在世界上尋找其容身之地的故事。

“KOOZA” 是太陽劇團一部返樸歸真的作品:它結合了兩種馬戲傳統 —— 雜技表演和丑角藝術。表演用強調大膽的戲劇幽昧的混合色彩,突出了人類活動在所有其光輝和脆弱方面的物質需要。

笨蛋的旅程使他接觸了多種多樣的人物:國王、魔術師、扒手和令人生厭的旅客,還有他的調皮狗。 在堅強和脆弱之間,在笑聲與微笑之間,在混亂和協調之間,“KOOZA” 探索了畏懼、身份、認同和權力的主題。本劇在一個充滿驚奇、震撼、失意、大膽的,令人震驚和異域風情和囊括一切的視覺世界中展開。


德国, 英国, 瑞士 的巡演


KOOZA - 角色

  • 骗子

    Charming and sophisticated, The Trickster is a sublimely quick and agile being, a genius who knows all about the world of KOOZA because he created it. He appears and disappears at will and there's electricity in the air each time he arrives on stage. He created this world for The Innocent and keeps a watchful eye out for him. He teases him, and plays tricks on him with his powers, but it's The Innocent's own subconscious that leads the dance…

  • 天真之旅

    The Innocent is a naïve and melancholy loner carried off into The Trickster's world. Outwardly childlike, ingenuous and simple, he is eager to get to know the new world he's in, but as soon as he uses The Trickster's powers he discovers an unexpected and jarring environment, a reflection of his soul.

  • 国王

    The King is the king of fools, the most burlesque of all the characters. His hair is tousled and his crown has a mind of its own as he tries desperately to gain the respect of those who are crazier than himself.

  • 小丑

    The two Court Clowns are The King's foolish footmen, his indispensable sidekicks in the extravagant adventures in the realm of KOOZA.

  • Heimloss

    The very strange Heimloss lives beneath the stage where he's in charge of the mechanical machinery that gives life to everything in the hidden world of KOOZA.

  • 凶恶的爱犬

    In this crazy world, even The Dog is nutty. He chases everyone, barks and is impossible to control. The word "training" means nothing to him. But like everyone else he's drawn to The Innocent and becomes his playful, over-the-top companion.