Cirque du Soleil






“Corteo” 在意大利语中意思是“随从”,它是充满愉悦的队列,由一个小丑想像的节日流行队伍。本剧用杂技的活力和丰姿集演员们的热情于一体,使观众 沉浸于天地之间的一种神秘空间的欢乐、喜剧和自发的戏剧世界。 小丑把自己的葬礼刻画在狂欢气氛下,由天使静静地守护着。大小并置,悲剧性的可笑与带有不完美魅力的完美魔力,本剧突出了小丑的强劲和脆弱,及其智慧和热 情,表达了我们每个人身上都有的人性。抒情与娱乐结合的音乐,使 “Corteo” 通篇具有用幻想嘲讽现实的永恒颂扬色彩。


在 哥斯大黎加, 哥倫比亞 舉行的巡迴表演


Corteo - Acrobatic & Rigging Material

Corteo features a variety of innovative acrobatic equipment elements that were invented at Cirque du Soleil and designed to mesh seamlessly with the set design.

  • The “Paradise” act brings together two circus skills that have never been combined before: the Korean Cradle and the Tramponet (a combination of trampoline and safety net). The artists are thrown between three Korean Cradle stations placed at an unprecedented distance from each other, and rebound off the Tramponet, which is 30 m long.
  • The “Tournik” consist of a steel frame and twin high bars mounted on the stage turntables.
  • The “Lustres” are giant chandeliers that float in mid-air above the stage. They are decorated with some 4,000 sparkling “jewels” and garlands of reflective acrylic spheres.
  • • There are three custom-built ladders in the show, each designed to meet a different acrobatic demand. They include a bungee ladder and a tall ladder which is almost 4.5 m high.