Cirque du Soleil






“Corteo” 在意大利语中意思是“随从”,它是充满愉悦的队列,由一个小丑想像的节日流行队伍。本剧用杂技的活力和丰姿集演员们的热情于一体,使观众 沉浸于天地之间的一种神秘空间的欢乐、喜剧和自发的戏剧世界。 小丑把自己的葬礼刻画在狂欢气氛下,由天使静静地守护着。大小并置,悲剧性的可笑与带有不完美魅力的完美魔力,本剧突出了小丑的强劲和脆弱,及其智慧和热 情,表达了我们每个人身上都有的人性。抒情与娱乐结合的音乐,使 “Corteo” 通篇具有用幻想嘲讽现实的永恒颂扬色彩。


在 哥斯大黎加, 哥倫比亞 舉行的巡迴表演


Corteo - Costumes & Props

To create over 260 costumes for Corteo’s cast, Costume Designer Dominique Lemieux set out to accentuate the natural beauty of the artists.

  • She used more than 900 different fabrics, concentrating on natural fibres such as silks, linens, cottons and lace in a subtle colour palette that includes blues, pinks, fuchsia and gold with appliquéd spangles and jewels.
  • Many of the fabrics were dyed and airbrushed to give them a patina of age.
  • Every show day, 12 to 16 hours of ironing is needed to prepare the costumes.
  • There are 40 angels in Corteo and 4 types of angels: Arc Angels, Little Angels, Grand Angels and Auguste Angels.
  • The smallest shoe size in the show is a children’s size 3 and the largest is an 18 EEE.