Cirque du Soleil






太陽劇團的多學問表演方式與長達三千年歷史的中國傳統雜技藝術相互融合,Dralion 源自東方哲學的啟發,以及對人類與自然和諧統一的不斷探索。表演名稱源自兩種象徵性動物︰ 東方的象徵龍(dragon)與西方的象徵獅子(lion)。

Dralion,維持自然規律的四大元素將會化身為人類型態。其美艷動人的色彩體現每種元素的特質︰ 藍色為天空,水為綠色,火為紅色,大地為土黃色。在 Dralion 的世界裡,文化融合,人類與大自然成一體,世界取得平衡。


在 加拿大, 美國 舉行的巡迴表演


Dralion - 角色

  • 天空女神(天空)

    Azala is the goddess of Air. She is the guardian of the sun and immortality, floating above timeless space in hues of blue.

  • 大地女神(天空)

    Gaya is the goddess of Earth. She possesses within her human warmth (fire) and the cool, fresh vitality of life (water). She adorns herself in ochre.

  • 水之精靈(水)

    Oceane is goddess of Water. As queen of movement she controls, through the art of dance, the movement of the oceans. Her universe is green.

  • 火之精靈(火)

    The guide to the fiery demons, he commands the rhythm of the show. He symbolizes both good and evil. He sees life in vivid red.

  • 小醜

    All is well in the best of worlds. However, these clever clowns manage to push this otherwise harmonious universe just slightly off-kilter.

  • 小活佛

    The Little Buddha is the chosen child. Although it possesses special powers that will allow it to eventually become an Âme-Force, it dreams of being just a regular child.

  • 演唱 — L'Âme-Force

    The voices of Dralion sing an invented language to which only Cirque du Soleil holds the key. Their mysterious accents echo down through time: L'Âme-Force symbolises ultimate harmony between the four elements.

  • Kala

    Kala is the heart of the wheel that represents time and the infinite cycle. He is the internal propulsion of the wheel that makes time evolve. It is the ongoing circle of life.

  • Musicians

    Blending Eastern and Western sounds to create rhythmic and lyrical motifs, the electric and acoustic Dralion score draws its inspiration from classic Indian melodies, weaving in influences from Andalusia, Africa as well as Central and Western Europe. The band is composed of six musicians and two singers who perform live for every performance.