Cirque du Soleil






OVO 深入探尋了色彩斑斕并充滿了各種生命的生態系統,在這裡昆蟲進行他們的特定行為,并以各種能量模式在特定時刻尋找它們的伴侶。 昆蟲的棲息之地是一個多樣美麗的世界,充滿喧囂的行為和片刻情感的寧靜。


當一隻體態笨拙、相貌古怪的昆蟲降臨這忙亂的群落之時,它們一見鍾情,美麗的瓢蟲引起了他的注意 – 它們彼此感觸。

OVO 充滿了強烈的反差。 我們腳下一個未知的神秘世界以愛慕與熱情、嘈雜與安靜、和諧與換亂的方式展現在觀眾眼前。 每天,當太陽冉冉升起,昆蟲們便蠢蠢欲動,開始它們新的一天。


在 日本 舉行的巡迴表演


OVO - Music

To create the musical score for OVO, Berna Ceppas combined the sounds of bossa nova and samba with funk and electro music. And, as you might expect from a Brazilian – there is a lot of percussion in the score.

Berna Ceppas sampled actual insect sounds to combine with the music directly from the keyboard. He also assigned instruments and individual themes to specific characters.

The 8-piece band includes a bandleader/bass and double bass player, a keyboard player, drummer, percussionist, guitarist, accordionist, violinist and a wind instruments player, plus one singer.

In almost all of Cirque du Soleil shows, the music is performed live. And, unlike musicals, the music needs to adapt to what is going on stage and not the other way around. To do so, the band leader, the musicians, the singers and the sound staff are in constant communication via headsets and microphones.