Cirque du Soleil






TOTEM 與您追尋一段懾人的人類旅程:從最原始的兩棲動物形態至飛行的終極慾望。角色會在一個巨龜形狀的舞台上演繹進化歷程,而龜恰好被許多古代文明認為是起源的象徵。

TOTEM 的靈感源自許多關於人類起源的神話,透過視覺及肢體雜技語言,生動地呈現生物的進化歷程。

穿梭科學與神話間的 TOTEM 會探索人類與其他物種之間的聯繫、他們的夢想與他們的無限潛能。


在 澳洲 舉行的巡迴表演


TOTEM - 角色

  • 弗雷爾

    The young Amerindian dancer takes us into a magical world, tracing the history of the evolution of species with his rings.

  • The Crystal Man

    He comes from space to spark life on Earth. Early in the show, we see him animate the turtle’s skeleton and at the end he closes the show by diving into a lagoon.

  • 弗雷爾

    A Darwinesque Explorer who visits the different worlds of the show. In his advanced laboratory, aided by his assistants and a monkey, he dazzles us with his amazing physics experiments.

  • 弗雷爾

    Environmentally conscious, a friend of the animals, he guides and assists the Scientist in his explorations. Angered by the thoughtless, polluting actions of a clown, he transforms before our eyes into a Toreador.

  • Valentino

    Valentino, the macho, chatty, boastful provocateur. With his camera in hand, he is a lively, arrogant tourist who litters and disturbs.

  • Clown Misha

    Misha, a practical man, is wary of fuss and extravagance. He finds a silver lining (or a steel pot) for every situation life throws his way.