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Zumanity 是太陽劇團感官表現節目的一個側面,以性感嫵媚的方式扭曲反映現實,極具煽動性和趣味性,禁止以電子方式進行傳播! 由於這套成人主題作品為您呈現的性感特技表演和出格玩笑讓人血脈膨脹,所有禁忌至於門外,隨心所欲放鬆自己。 Zumanity 有時表演滑稽歌舞,有時表演助興節目,總之是一個永遠難忘的徹夜狂歡。 Zumanity 專為 18 嵗以上成年人士創作。 僅在拉斯維加斯紐約-紐約酒店上演。


長駐演出節目地點 New York-New York Hotel and Casino, 拉斯維加斯, NV


Zumanity - 角色

  • Dance on TV

    Gorgeous and sweet, Felix breaks out of her shell to grab her lover’s attention. Turning up the heat on love gone flat, she ignites the stage with her feminine wiles, performing a sultry dance and alluring gymnastics to rekindle the flame and make her lover see her again as if for the very first time.

    Artist: Felix Cane

  • Dick 與 Izzy

    Zumanity’s resident sex therapists, Dick and Izzy aim to please with their sexy and silly methods engaging the audience in a hilarious round of not-so-innocent repartee. The sexual tension runs high as Dick- a French sex merchant- peddles his wares, while Izzy- his wife!- searches the audience night after night for a boyfriend.

    Artists: Nicky Dewhurst and Shannan Calcutt

  • Dislocation

    A limber Lothario, Arslan performs on command for his sadistic sirens, who take pleasure in watching him squirm. Redefining flexibility, his elastic body bends, twists, and contorts into nature-defying positions.

    Artist: Arslan Gusengadzhiev

  • Julia brings schoolgirl fantasies to life. She gyrates and swivels as she guides her hoops up and down her lithe frame. Dreams take flight as she soars through the air, performing daring feats of aerial choreography.

    Artist: Julia Kolosova

  • 情欲之秘

    Part showgirl, part cabaret queen, Mistress of Sensuality Edie plays hostess to your every fantasy. As the sun sets and desires come alive, Edie uses her signature blend of sass and sensuality to guide the audience through the erotic escapades that make up the world of Zumanity.

    Artist: Edie

  • 玫瑰小男孩

    “Willie Bronco” peels away his tough exterior to expose his weakness … for the ladies. He tantalizes and teases the audience by revealing his chiselled body bit by bit in a sinfully seductive striptease.

    Artist: William Hulett

  • 組織

    Though he desperately tries to catch her attention, Alan remains unnoticed by Anna, the muse whose beauty propels him to soar to new heights. Finally, the once-unattainable object of his affection is within arms’ reach, and their two worlds come together at the finale of this mesmerizing aerial dance.

    Artists: Alan Jones Silva and Anna O’Keefe

  • Wassa

    Marcela awakens an unbridled passion in Wassa. Exploding into a vigorous African dance, her arms, legs and torso take on a primal energy of their own, moving in time to an erotic and intoxicating tribal rhythm.

    Artist: Wassa Coulibaly

  • All at once, a storm sweeps over the stage as Marcela, Queen of the Wind, summons the spirits in a fevered flamenco dance. With smouldering intensity, her hypnotic dance stirs the soul, arouses the imagination and prepares the senses for an uninhibited transformation.

    Artist: Marcela de la Vega Luna