The only way to understand and thereby appreciate "OVO's" poetic energy of discovery is to experience it for oneself.

James Scarborough, Huffington Post
Leeds, Regne Unit
first direct arena
set. 19-23, 2018
Manchester, Regne Unit
Manchester Arena
set. 26-30, 2018
Birmingham, Regne Unit
Barclaycard Arena
oct. 3-7, 2018
Dublín, Irlanda
oct. 10-14, 2018
Belfast, Regne Unit
SSE Arena
oct. 17-21, 2018
Lilla, França
nov. 8-11, 2018
Bordeus, França
Bordeaux Métropole Arena
nov. 14-18, 2018
Tolosa, França
Le Zénith de Toulouse
nov. 21-25, 2018
Montpellier, França
Sud de France Arena
de novembre 28, 2018 - de desembre 2, 2018
Estrasburg, França
des. 5-9, 2018
Nantes, França
Zénith Nantes Métropole
des. 12-16, 2018
La Corunya, Espanya
Coliseum A Coruña
des. 21-30, 2018
Lisboa, Portugal
Altice Arena
gen. 3-13, 2019
Múrcia, Espanya
Palacio Municipal de Deportes
gen. 16-20, 2019

About OVO

About te show OVO by Cirque du Soleil

Rush Headlong into a New Ecosystem

OVO is teeming with life. Insects work, play, fight and look for love in a non-stop riot of energy in motion. Their home is filled with biodiversity, beauty, action and moments of quiet emotion. The awestruck insects are intensely curious when a mysterious egg appears, representing the enigma and cycles of their lives.

A riot of energy


Due to the nature of the acts in the show, changes in the cast may occur. In addition, the content and duration of the show may differ from time to time. Although we try to keep this information up to date, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.

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