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Our partner Grupo Vidanta, a leading developer and operator of world-class luxury resorts, properties and tourism infrastructure in Mexico and Latin America is currently offering career opportunities for JOYÀ, the first Cirque du Soleil resident show to include a dining experience as part of the performance.

If you are hired for this position, you will be an employee of our partner Grupo Vidanta. This means you will be on their company payroll and will comply with their employment policies.

If you are interested in applying please send your CV to

Reporting the Operations Director, the Head of Wardrobe is Responsible for leading the Wardrobe team in establishing and maintaining the safe and consistent operations of all production wardrobe elements for all performances.  Coordinate with the Artistic Team for all changes, designs and necessities.
Responsibilities and Functions
·         Manage the Wardrobe Department including completing staff performance reviews, assisting with the hiring of new employees and managing budget and capital expense projects;
·         Oversee and coordinate the proper maintenance and fitting of costumes, hats, masks, shoes and other accessories, including development of regular repair and cleaning schedules and procedures;
·         Oversee the timely purchase and/or making of new costumes, hats, shoes and other costume accessories in collaboration with the Wardrobe Shop Supervisor (WSS);
·         Oversee the integration of new costume elements into the production;
·         Maintain and update the costume plot, inventories, purchase records and associated documentation;
·         Work with the technical team to develop and maintain a safe working environment;
·         Create and maintain training backup plans to ensure continuity in Wardrobe Department operations;
·         Plan staff requirements and schedules for shop and performance personnel;
·         Communicate and coordinate with the costume shop and costume vendors for the purchase and alteration of new items;
·         Ensure that all departmental personnel adhere to and enforce company and departmental policies;
·         Oversee all departmental task lists and crew scheduling including day maintenance, rehearsal, training and show calls;
·         Preserve on a nightly, ongoing and long term basis, the “opening night” quality of the designer’s vision and the artistic integrity of the production according to the needs of artistic, technical and company management
·         Work with the Artistic department on changes and ongoing development of the show;
·         Work with artistic and stage management staff to support their needs during rehearsals, trainings and performances;
·         Oversee the development and implementation of preventative maintenance routines and inspections – particularly life safety and show critical – for all departmental equipment as well as equipment that may not be directly owned by the company but has significance to the show and a relationship to the department’s function; ensure that these routines and inspections are appropriately documented;
·         Ensure all departmental designs, equipment, systems, functions, procedures, show tracks, maintenance and inspections logs, special projects, etc are properly and adequately documented using standard tools.  Creation and design intent should be documented as well as on-going changes to the show;
·         Ensure all aspects of all documentation created and/or maintained by the department are up-to-date;
·         Coordinate and supervise special projects including the research, purchase, installation, testing, troubleshooting, integration and ongoing maintenance and inspection of all equipment and systems required for rehearsal, training and show applications as well as inter- or intra-departmental needs;
·         Manage and supervise the administrative aspects of the department by participating in the hiring of new employees; completing staff performance evaluations; taking disciplinary and corrective actions; assisting with the development and management of budgets and capital expense projections with the Operations Director; coordinating schedules including vacations and timesheets; estimating labor and materials for special projects; ensuring parts and supplies are stocked to meet ongoing needs of the show;
·         Adhere to and promote all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations or equivalent as they pertain to the safe operation of all elements related to the show;
·         Maintain a safe working environment at all times by enforcing and conforming to established safety policies and proceduresincluding the enforcement of fall protection protocols; the use of personal protective equipment; safe handling of tools, equipment and hazardous substances; and the promotion of respect for the dangers of the working environment;
·         Ensure that all departmental personnel are adequately and appropriately trained according to the guidelines established by the company and management as well as official agencies regulating safety and training requirements;
·         Establish emergency procedures for show systems and situations with technical management, stage management and the rest of the technical team and ensure that all artists, technicians and staff are familiar with and trained on all pertinent procedures and equipment;
·         Establish and maintain training and backup plans to ensure continuity of performance operations of the department in the event of unexpected failure of a system, component or piece of equipment;
·         Conduct regular departmental pre-shift and other meetings to ensure timely and appropriate communication is occurring with and among departmental personnel;
·         Be familiar with all and able to operate cue tracks within your department;
·         Perform all other duties necessary for the success of the department and/or required by the Operations Director.
The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
·         High School Diploma or GED required; Bachelor’s Degree preferred
·         A minimum of five years in live show management (or equivalent experience, for example as an artist), in performing shows, in any form of art (mid-size to upper-size company), in an international context;
·         Multicultural experience an asset;
·         Leadership;
·         Minimum 10 years of experience as a professional costume technician with experience in costume repair, shoe repair, make-up and millinery on large scale stage productions
·         At least three years of wardrobe management experience
·         Experience managing a crew of at least 6 employees
·         Excellent observational and communication skills (verbal and written);
·         Ability to quickly adapt to unexpected situations, variable schedules and tight deadlines;
·         Ability to maintain a good working environment with peers and performers while enjoying a proper professional relationship;
·         Autonomy, initiative and flexibility;
·         Good computer skills;
·         Fluency in Spanish/English spoken and written is essential;
·         Knowledge of another language is an asset;
·         Available to work full time in Mexico.

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