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Steps to apply online

The following information details the steps to follow and the materials to prepare for submitting your application to Cirque du Soleil.


Prepare your application

  • You must prepare a CV, a few pictures and an audio or video demo before applying.
  • Your CV, pictures and audio and video demos must showcase your unique talents, achievements and personality. We explain in detail everything that you need to include in your application package.
  • We also provide advice on how to present yourself and make a good impression.
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Prepare your video demo

  • Most application packages must include a video demo.
  • We explain what is required for each discipline, as well as the acceptable video formats.

Submit your application

  • Search our job postings to see if one matches your profile.
  • Create a profile before applying.
  • Prepare and upload all the files needed for your application.

Click on Apply to submit your application. You will be redirected to an external site once the process has begun.