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The Beatles LOVE

Mit der Show LOVE feiert der Cirque du Soleil das musikalische Erbe der Beatles durch ihre zeitlosen Originalaufzeichnungen. Die Übermütigkeit der Beatles wird durch die jugendliche, städtische Energie einer Truppe von 60 internationalen Künstlern kanalisiert. Mit den Master-Tonbändern in den Abbey Road-Studios haben Sir George Martin und Giles Martin eine einmalige Klanglandschaft der Beatles-Musik für LOVE geschaffen. Panoramischer Ton und visuelle Effekte lassen das Publikum die Beatles erleben wie nie zuvor. Nur im "The Mirage" in Las Vegas.


Ortsansässige Show im The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV

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The Beatles LOVE - Nummern

  • Get Back

    The bombastic pulse of the Abbey Road drum solo fires the story forward from Liverpool to The Beatles' farewell concert. An explosion of energy, light and color bursts onto the stage powered by The Beatles' rock anthem, "Get Back." Nostalgia of the 1960s is juxtaposed with newfangled dance styles -- "House" and "Jacking" -- and an unusual bungee tête-a-tête, as the celebration barrels toward an unsuspecting conclusion.
  • Rock ’n’ Roll Run (Twist and Shout/ I Want to Hold Your Hand/ Drive My Car)

    An ode to the earlier years of The Beatles Rock ‘n’Roll roots, this section is a roller coaster ride of popular hits of the new “fever” that outraged the establishment and ear marked the beginnings of the craze that became “Beatlemania” across the globe. It begins with “Twist and Shout” and the character of Sugar Plum Fairy bringing the new music to the stage, infecting everyone with a new rhythm, then continues into the upbeat acrobatic number of "I Want to Hold Your Hand," followed by a medley of "Drive My Car," "What You’re Doing" and "The Word," signaling the euphoric onslaught of this new “Beatlemania.” Crazed fans and screaming groupies bombard the stage in a flurry of acrobatic activity. Teeter boards and trampoline beds launch the ensemble to new heights just as these early hits launched The Beatles to astronomical fame.
  • Gnik Nus/ Something:

    Introduced by "Sun King" played backwards, this sensual choreography shows how fleeting and fragile love can be. Set to the classic tune "Something," a young male solo dancer is tantalized by four women who fly in and out of his reach.
  • Yesterday

    Reminiscent melancholy rooted in the love that once was and the longing of what could be, a trapeze duet floating through the lyrics of Paul McCartney as his presence serenades them from above.
  • Strawberry Fields

    Assembled around a mysterious piano, Doctor Robert introduces his companions on this unique journey to an unusual tea drinking ritual. A euphemistic stimulant launches them and the show itself on a psychedelic trip. The surreal "Strawberry Fields" is underscored in the closing stages by "Penny Lane," "In My Life," "Piggies" and "Hello Goodbye."
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

    The trip continues with the glittering daughter of the heavens, Lucy, soaring through the air in this aerial contortion number. Connecting with the earthy Fireman who keeps her aloft, Lucy lets her hair down and rejoices in this moment of exaltation.
  • Octopus’s Garden

    The surreal voyage takes a plunge into the Octopus’s Garden where a host of characters from the show accompanied by marine creatures perform a slow-motion aquatic ballet. Watch for images of Ringo Starr in the projections as he bubbles through this underwater world.
  • Here Comes the Sun

    This tranquil moment of enlightenment is the climax of the psychedelic trip, bridging Western values and Eastern culture. Inspired by the dance of Krishna, four female artists perform aerial contortion and yoga in a garden of contemplative light, evoking the spiritual journey taken by The Beatles and their new-found state of consciousness.
  • Come Together

    This sensual dance is an unbridled release of sexual energy, wrapped in a political statement of the times. It’s an exhibition of free love in rebellion of the accepted conventions of order.
  • Revolution/ Back in the U.S.S.R.

    In this energetic trampoline performance, long-haired free-spirits playfully attempt to tame and jostle the authorities with their daring, fast-paced acrobatics.
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps

    A female dancer ponders the sad loneliness of unrequited love. She contemplates her past in a soulful dance, remembering love lost but not forgotten in a world where the search goes on to find her true love. Accompanied by a hand drawn visual, they dance together in a world outlined with elements of everyday life.
  • Sgt. Pepper

    In this explosion of joy, artists soar on latex tubes and Korean ropes as the entire cast revels in “Beatlemania” euphoria with the audience.