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Curious onlookers and members alike are invited to get answers to questions about Cirque Club - Cirque du Soleil’s exclusive fan club - from how to join to how to enjoy all the privileges and perks membership brings!


About Cirque Club

What are Cirque Club’s privileges?

As a Cirque Club member you have access to exclusive photos and videos, downloadable screensaver and desktop images, and invitations to special events. Members are among the firsts to be informed when a city selected in their profile is added to our tour plan. Registration provides access to pre-sale tickets and special offers (where available). Emails are sent to active members. However, if your membership is new and you did not receive the notice, you will find all the links and promotions in the  "Offers" section of the Cirque Club.

Since Cirque Club is a virtual club, there is no membership number or card: your email address is your identification.

Please note that being a member does not automatically entitle you to discounts on tickets or products.



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