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Curious onlookers and members alike are invited to get answers to questions about Cirque Club - Cirque du Soleil’s exclusive fan club - from how to join to how to enjoy all the privileges and perks membership brings!


Cirque Club Profile Issues

Why doesn’t my Cirque Club password work?

For security reasons, we do not have access to our members’ passwords.

Please verify that you’ve entered the correct email address (the one used during registration). It is important to enter it as you originally typed it in. If it does not work, we suggest you retrieve it by clicking the "Forgot Password?"  link  on Cirque Club’s login web page. A message will then be sent to you which will enable you to change your password.

Should you still have problems retrieving your password, please contact us, include the password you want to use and we will then be able to change it.


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