The information that follows concerns adding your profile to our bank of general applications only. If you would like to apply for a specific role or an audition, please refer to the description of the position that interests you.

Please prepare the following materials for submission with your online application:

  • a resumé;
  • one or more photos;
  • a recent video not exceeding 12 minutes in length. We accept video files in all formats except for executable (.exe) files. Your video does not have to be of excellent quality, a simple homemade video is fine. We want images that haven't been touched up or edited.


  • A one-minute presentation to the camera: tell us your name, your age, your background and the reasons for your interest in Cirque du Soleil;
  • A three-minute act or an excerpt from a performance of your choice, solo if possible;
  • Portray four to twelve characters through short, wordless scenes performed in front of a camera. For each character, we would like to see an entrance, an action and an exit. You may use the camera as your audience for some scenes. You may also portray an abstract idea (such as an element, emotion or colour). The key words are variety and originality. Explore the limits, break the rules, surprise us, and surprise yourself!
  • A demonstration of any special or unique talents you may have.