Wind instruments

We're looking for a wide variety of experienced brass and woodwind instrumentalists with a creative spirit who are passionate about live performance, excellent at improvisation and able to play more than one instrument. We need very good musicians who can play various cultural styles or take us on a journey through time. If you play a non-traditional or long-forgotten instrument, we'd love to hear about it!


  • Musical training and/or studies;
  • Professional experience;
  • Solid technical and artistic skills in the musical field;
  • Excellent level of musical interpretation based on one or more instruments, including voice;
  • Versatility, ability to interpret several musical styles and blend genres;
  • Ability to interpret written or improvised musical parts as a soloist;
  • Ability to work as part of a team;
  • Availability to be transferred to another city or country and/or work within a tour context;
  • Aged 18 or older;
  • Excellent improvisational skills (an asset);
  • Experience with in-ear amplification (an asset);
  • Working knowledge of English (an asset).

Are you a musician seeking a new venue for your passion? If you're a team player with an open mind and a readiness to learn, there may be a place for you on stage in one of our existing or upcoming shows!

Accompanying a live performance

Most of our shows are performed live with original music that was carefully chosen to accompany each act. Our musicians must be prepared to react to the uncertainties of live performance, in order to provide seamless accompaniment for the action on stage.

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Casting on location
Cirque Casting Promo – Instrumentalists & Singers
Wind Instruments - <em>Varekai</em>
Wind instruments - Varekai
Trumpet - <em>La Nouba</em>
Trumpet - La Nouba

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