A Cirque du Soleil audition is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. You will be asked to impress us with your skills and artistic potential – and given the opportunity to discover talents you never knew you had!

Once you've been invited to an audition, you know the stage is yours! Contact with the audience at our shows is up close and personal, so fascinate us with your creativity, your talents and your personality … show us who you are!

What to expect at an audition:

  • Depending on your discipline, your audition may last an hour, a day or even two days.
  • Depending on your discipline, you might have to perform a solo presentation in front of the group of participants, and you could be asked to participate in individual and group exercises following your presentation.
  • After your audition, the results will be communicated immediately.
  • Your audition will be filmed.
  • Expect the unexpected!