We invite you to learn more about the different types of work opportunities you may be offered on your way toward the stage of one of our shows.

More details about our working environment


Cirque du Soleil brings together great minds and talents from around the world and provides an exciting and professional environment where they are encouraged to express and challenge themselves. Being part of a show gives our performers not only the opportunity to do what they love best, but also a wonderful chance for them to interact with skilled, like-minded people who become their extended family.

When you join an existing show, you could be called upon to work on one of three types of productions: resident shows, big top touring shows or arena touring shows. We currently have 19 shows in performance worldwide:

Here are some interesting facts about life at Cirque :

  • Artists-in-training take part in immersion workshops such as creative improvisation, acting, vocals and rhythm. These workshops provide a taste of what it’s like to be part of a show.
  • Athletes and artists all contribute their special talents to ensure that each act is unique and thoroughly spectacular.
  • All candidates learn how to apply their own stage make-up and have practice sessions to perfect their technique.
  • Work at Cirque du Soleil is based on sharing and dialogue, and rooted in the passion we all share. Every Cirque act is built on a solid foundation of teamwork.


When an artist joins a show in creation, the integration process is similar to that in place for existing shows. The main differences are the duration of the artist’s stay in Montreal and the fact that his or her role and act can vary throughout the show’s development process.

For shows in creation, nothing is set in stone—each element can change. When the artist arrives at International Headquarters, the new show’s concept is not yet completely established, so his or her role and purpose are likely to change along the way. At this stage, everything is being developed; the artist may need to actively participate in the exploratory research.

Ideally, he or she has great adaptability, is open to change and has the desire to be involved in the development of his or her role in the show and in bringing it to life.


The Cirque du Soleil Events team offers you an opportunity to work with Cirque du Soleil on a short-term or occasional basis, or even for a single performance. Our wide range of innovative events take place in the four corners of the globe.

The singular mission of the Cirque du Soleil Events team: to develop exclusive creative content for prestigious business meetings and unforgettable parties.

Whether it's for a private reception or a grand gala, the Events team is dedicated to designing and producing unique, one-of-a-kind events that guests are sure to remember for years to come.

To inject energy and excitement into the events we create, we are constantly seeking original artists, never-before-seen acts and other fantastic new finds. Our artists' many talents and unique performances allow us to explore new avenues and constantly challenge our own limits.

If you're interested in joining Cirque du Soleil on an occasional basis or even for a single event, the Events team and its short-term contracts could be right for you.

Note that the working conditions described in the "Working Environment" section of our website apply to artists who are part of Cirque du Soleil shows. Specific working conditions apply to events and vary from one operation to another. Artist safety and comfort are ensured at all times through close artistic and technical supervision.

Whatever and wherever the event, we always endeavour to create memorable moments that excite the imagination and stimulate the senses. For acrobats, artists or athletes in search of something different, Cirque du Soleil Events promises a world of possibilities.