Once you have successfully completed your selection process and been hired as an artist, your next step will be to complete your integration into the show as a member of the troupe. The aim of the integration process is to help you become autonomous as soon as possible, both onstage and in your new life. Depending on the complexity of your part in the show, integration can take from a few days to a few months. Furthermore, the integration phases may vary depending on your job category (resident show, touring show or big top show). However, generally speaking, here is what you can expect when the time comes to join our team and your new family:

Step 1 – Administrative formalities and travel:

  • We will help you to make sure all your documents are in order (an interpreter will be provided, if necessary).
  • We will handle all travel arrangements. Someone will be there to greet you and help you get settled into your new accommodations.

Step 2 – Presentations and preparation:

  • You will meet with the artistic director or coordinator and the head coach to find out what is expected of you, discuss your role in the show and review your training or rehearsal schedule. You will also be informed of any additional onstage appearances (artistic cues) that are part of your contribution to the show over and above your main role.
  • A representative of the artistic team will introduce you to the troupe and staff and show you the stage and other facilities (dressing rooms, training rooms, and so on). You will also be asked to attend a performance to see the show and, most importantly, to see the role you will be playing.

Step 3 – Training:

  • Your training sessions will be designed to help you put the skills you learned during training into practice so that you are ready to become a full-fledged member of the cast and perform for spectators.
Take the first steps that can lead you on stage with one of our current shows or upcoming creations:

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