Miro Lacasse


What was your biggest artistic achievement prior to joining Cirque du Soleil?

I spent 11 years acting and creating in both live theatre and film.

Please tell us about your artistic background and training/formation (school) previous to joining Cirque:

I have been an actor and creator since 1996.

  • Miro Lacasse
  • Canada
  • Actor
When did you join Cirque du Soleil?

I joined KÀ during its creation in December 2003.

What was your first contact with the organization? What was the context?

I first got to know Cirque du Soleil 20 years ago at a festival in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec.

What kind of an experience was your audition and/or training and/or workshop?

I was part of a closed laboratory to explore and propose variations for the role of “Counselor". It was very powerful to work on the writing for this kind of character and very physically taxing.

How did your integration go in Montreal and in the show?

It was very interesting to see the theatrical universe meet the Cirque universe, and incredible to watch the worlds of acrobatic performance and storytelling come together.

How does being part of a Cirque du Soleil show allow you to express yourself in your discipline?

Robert Lepage gave me creative carte blanche so I had a wonderful and very stimulating opportunity to be a part of the creative team… lots of ideas, lots of effort, lots of patience, but mostly lots and lots of love!

What do you like the most about being part of Cirque du Soleil?

I love the exchange between individuals from different nationalities and backgrounds that bring a great variety of experience and artistic skill along with their rich personalities.

How did the transition go between your former career to your current Cirque career?

One day at a time… In particular I had to learn to deal with my fear of heights because I was to be part of an acrobatic act happening 100 feet in the air. But I managed to conquer my fear with patience, perseverance and a lot of support.

How is life in Las Vegas?

7 AM:Make breakfast,
8:45 AM:Take my kid to school,
between 9 AM and 2:30 PM:Take care of some household duties, and if possible a short nap,
2:45 PM:Pick my child,
4:15:Time to go to work,
5 to 11:20 PM:KÀ
12:15 AM:Go back home
2:00 AM:Go to bed.