Zeng jiao JIAN


What was your biggest athletic achievement prior to joining Cirque du Soleil?

I won China’s Sixth National Wushu Championship and was World Wushu Champion.

Please tell us about your athletic background previous to joining Cirque:

I had twenty years of professional training, was a Beijing Wushu team member and was a Wushu instructor for TNT Wushu Chicago and for the National Wushu Center in Los Angeles. Also, I appeared in MTV’s “The Soon to be Winner" and I was a stunt double for the MGM movie “Warriors of Virtue".

  • Zeng jiao JIAN
  • China
  • Wushu (Martial Art)
When did you join Cirque du Soleil?

November 2003.

What was your first contact with the organization? What was the context?

Although I had known about Cirque’s reputation before, I was truly astonished when I saw Mystère. I dreamed of one day being able to perform my Wushu on such a stage and when I heard about KÀ, I said to myself: "My dream will certainly come true."

What kind of an experience was your audition and/or training and/or workshop?

I passed my audition and before I knew it I was on my way to the dreamy, snowy city of Montreal. Since I joined KÀ as it was initially being created, I did not participate in any training programs or workshops.

How did your integration go in the show?

Joining KÀ as it was being created helped my integration. It has required much hard work but performing always brings me confidence and the applause from audience is the best reward for me.

How does being part of a Cirque du Soleil show allow you to express yourself in your discipline?

Adapting my skills to my character has allowed me to best express both my skills and myself.

What do you like the most about being part of Cirque du Soleil?

I really like the weekly meeting where all the actors and managers gather like a family.

How did the transition go between your former career to your current Cirque career?

When I became an actor in Cirque, I found my background had not prepared me for the bold and very open performance required. Now I find my perspective has widened, my mind is more open and my skills have improved.

Why would you recommend an artist to join Cirque?

When I recommend Cirque to an artist I tell them that this is the best show in the world, Cirque is a great organization and is a great opportunity.

How is life in Las Vegas?

I have such a good life in Las Vegas. Since I moved here I bought a house, married my dream girl Zula (she’s also an artist in KÀ!) and pretty soon our first baby will be born.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Time + Opportunity + Effort = Success