Meet a manager

Creativity is the fire behind our success, and at the centre of this creative energy are Casting managers who are also driven by the desire to challenge their own limits.

Over the years, the Casting team has created opportunities and implemented flexible, innovative methods of discovering new artists as it plays a consulting role vis-à-vis the various creation teams, directors and artistic directors by showing them acts or artists discovered at auditions or through scouting activities.

The team does everything in its power to find exceptional artists. In its work of discovering and searching for candidates, the team is supported by a global network of partners that act as Cirque’s eyes and ears in the field. This structure means we have a varied and continually developing overview of territories and we are able to discover artists from various talent communities. Based at the Cirque’s International Headquarters in Montreal (Canada), managers travel the world to visit international sporting institutions and organizers of competitions, circus arts festivals and multidisciplinary events.

In the end, the best way for the Cirque du Soleil Casting team to do its work is to continually renew itself, never compromise on quality and tirelessly explore new methods! We invite you to browse the managers’ biographies to learn more about their professional careers:

Casting Director