Laur Fugère

Laur has been singing professionally for over 30 years and has held leading roles in such major productions as Les Misérables, Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar. A Cirque du Soleil partner since 1993, she is currently musical director of a show in creation slated to be presented at Expo Zaragoza in Spain over the summer of 2008.

  • Laur Fugère
  • Montreal
  • Singer – Vocal Coach

“Music’s energy fascinates me; its force of attraction and power to inspire have led me to sample the wide range of musical genres. On those nomadic wanderings through the world of sounds, I learned to master several styles. Then, by improvising, I was able to explore virgin territory and unknown continents.

In the course of those travels, I developed a unique and very personal approach to singing. Science explains sound in terms of vibratory strength, but I believe that it’s also a physical force capable of transforming the invisible and transcending never-before-heard notes that are hidden deep within every living being so they can become perceptible.

I have practised meditation for several years, and I am interested in how the voice was used in ancient civilizations in rites of passage, initiation ceremonies and sacred gatherings. Producing a sound or “finding your voice" puts someone in touch with his innermost nature and fosters an awakening. The voice is a reflection of our deepest essence that binds us to the Source.

In 1988 I founded the company Sonomusa, and in 2003 I received a bursary from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec to fund research and development for my work The Vibration of Wisdom, a trip through the world of sounds and an invitation to get back in touch with breathing, both a symbol and the source of life. That research also led me to produce the album First Take, in which I took immense delight in interweaving my voice with the unique sound of one of the world’s oldest instruments, the didgeridoo.

My interest in the nature of vibrations and the transforming powers of sound led me to study polarity with John Beaulieu, author of The Healing Power of Sound. I also trained with Gabrielle Roth, a shaman, dancer and theatre director who is well known for her “five rhythms" system, which helps people find their true voice.

I am currently working as musical director for the Cirque du Soleil show Le Réveil du Serpent (Awakening of the Serpent), which will be presented at Expo Zaragoza in Spain throughout the summer of 2008 as part of an international exhibition on water and sustainable development. My collaboration with Cirque, which dates back to 1993, has given me the opportunity to travel to the four corners of the globe, primarily as a singer, but also as a vocal coach, evaluator and consultant.

As a universal language and a source of inspiration, voice has an inescapable place in the fabulous journeys that Cirque du Soleil shows represent. By drawing inspiration from folklore around the world, Cirque requires its singers to demonstrate open-mindedness and flexibility in both body and spirit. Singers must be disciplined and have a lifestyle conducive to the best vocal performances possible. But while singing at Cirque du Soleil is a great challenge, it also offers a unique opportunity for artistic and personal development.

I adore sharing my passion with audiences, and I am delighted to contribute to the progress and fulfillment of those whom I have the privilege of helping to train by sharing the lessons I have learned."