Career Transition

There comes a time in the lives of nearly all artists when they must consider leaving the stage and what is, in many ways, the only life they have ever known. We know this can often be a difficult time, so in 2003 we launched a career transition program for our artists.

The Crossroads Program is designed to support our artists and help them prepare for that day when they step off the stage and into the unknown. While a good deal of the credit must go to the artists themselves, we are very happy to have helped many of our performers successfully discover and pursue new interests in a variety of fields.

My Career Reflection Guide

The guide is made up of six modules filled with straightforward advice, simple exercises and suggestions to help weigh all aspects of an artist's life in order to properly prepare for that next big step.

A career development adviser is at the disposal of all our artists to:

  • Support them as they consider their career projects, needs and expectations and help them draw up
    a career portrait;
  • Provide guidance on the career possibilities open to them;
  • Help them research study programs and institutions;
  • Help them discover employment opportunities with Cirque du Soleil in non-artistic disciplines.

We not only value our artists for what they can bring to the stage but also for what they can eventually contribute when their performing days are over. We have had several artists make the transition from performance to coaching or stage management, while others have successfully moved on to join our Casting, Scouting and administrative teams in Montreal.

For those artists who are more attracted to the technical aspects of the theatre, our shows provide a very cutting-edge place to work and learn. Having knowledge of the most modern theatrical technologies, and access to people who can show you how to master them, opens doors to invaluable skills you can take with you anywhere.