Marketing, Sales and Communication

Cirque du Soleil is a dynamic and creative environment including very talented and diverse professionals working to support our brand, Internet marketing, internal communications, event management and much more.


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Since the Cirque du Soleil brand is known internationally, talented people working for the Marketing Department should ensure that communications are transmitted faithfully in 11 languages in the media around the world. In addition, these dynamic professionals are involved in the planning and execution of every advertising, promotional and PR activity for all our shows.

Box Office

A ticket to a Cirque du Soleil show is, in a way, a passport to an incredible universe where anything is possible. Our Box Office team is made up of talented individuals who control all tickets related to the operation of our shows by managing the selling channels, onsales, extensions, special promotions and much more.

Branding Management

Our team of experienced Brand specialists is responsible for defining, safeguarding and expanding the Cirque du Soleil brand. Each member is carefully selected based on proven successful experiences and communication skills.

Corporate Alliances

Our Corporate Alliances team of experienced professionals is responsible for establishing relationships with sponsors, creating and maintaining activation programs for partners as well as overseeing multimedia and licensing relationships on both local and global scales.

Corporate Sales

Our Corporate Sales team is made up of experienced and talented individuals who, based on strong market research, develop the strategies for the launch of all the new and existing products we offer. They also have the mandate to expand business opportunities with large national and multinational companies.

Graphic Design & Print Production

Our highly skilled Graphic Design & Print Production team is responsible for creating and delivering promotional materials of the highest quality to all departments of the company while maintaining graphic standards and ensuring that Cirque du Soleil‘s charm jumps out from the page.

Internet and Interactive Media

Every day, some 50 Internet marketing professionals take up the exciting challenge of translating the world of Cirque du Soleil into a virtual world to ensure that the online customer experience is as exhilarating and attractive as our shows. Whether it’s for web, social, mobile or e-mail applications, our dynamic team of experts develops the strategy and web content for every new Cirque project internationally. Each month, there are more than 2.4M visits and 1.9M unique visitors on our web site. Between 70% and 80% of our tickets are sold online for all territories.

Marketing Service

Our team of Marketing Service professionals is a highly skilled set of individuals who work closely with our various departments to provide market studies. They develop and maintain corporate marketing policies and counsel the various directors and departments within the organization.

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