Selection Process

Creativity is the fuel that feeds our success; at the centre of this creative energy are passionate, talented individuals who are not afraid to test their own limits.

Are you seeking a new avenue for your passion? If you are ready to add an exciting dimension to your career, we invite you to learn more about how to join our dynamic team.

The candidate experience at Cirque du Soleil!


First, be proactive and introduce yourself!

Create a profile and submit your application to a pool that matches your interests—you will maximize your chances of our sourcing team and recruiters noticing you!

What is the benefit of applying to our pools?

More than one out of three new hires comes from our pools of candidates.

Our sourcing team and recruiters are responsible for managing pools of talent and identifying potential candidates for each of our job families through telephone pre-qualification interviews. These potential candidates often get priority consideration when a position opens, even before there is an external posting.

You will also have the ability to be notified via email whenever there’s a relevant opening in your specific job field.

Who will process your application?

Your application can be processed in one of two ways: either proactively by our Sourcing team if you submitted your application to a pool, or by our Selection team if you applied for a current job opening.

Selection interview

If your exploratory interview is successful, a recruiter will conduct a selection interview along with the manager in the area concerned.

You should dress casual. The interview will help you better understand the objectives of the position and will give you a first impression of our corporate culture.

The interview includes technical and behavioural questions so as to properly assess how our company, the position and your experience, interests and personal skills add up.

As an international company, and depending on the sector, English skills are evaluated in most of our interviews.

A background check may then be conducted depending on our pre-established standards.

We invite you to contact your assigned recruiter at any time for any questions or changes on your end that may have an impact on the process.

* You will be informed if your application is not successful following the interview. On your request, we can give you feedback on your interview to help you understand our selection process. Candidates remain in our database indefinitely

Choosing the right candidate

The recruiter and manager involved will come to a consensus regarding which candidate will be given the job. If you are the chosen applicant, we will inform you of the conditions offered. You will then get to decide to be a part of the Cirque family!

Orientation and integration

Your new team will welcome you, and you will be offered an orientation session in order to familiarize yourself with Cirque's culture and the environment in which you will grow every day!

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