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Purchase tickets from Sarakasi Trust and help the Kenyan acrobats.
27th of March 2014 – 08:00 pm Amsterdam Arena. Tickets: from €50,50
To purchase tickets: Phone: +254 20 2694026/7 or

‘Sarakasi Trust’ is located in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. ‘Sarakasi’ means ‘circus’ or ‘acrobat’ in Kiswahili. The organisation has ‘culture for development’ as its motto, and responds to the need for culture by providing training in dance, music, and acrobatics. Young and talented Kenyans, most of them hailing from disadvantaged back grounds, have a dream to become a professional artist. The Trust gives them a chance to realize their dreams through the ‘outreach social circus project’ and thus gives them the opportunity to become professional artists. This way Sarakasi Trust provides an opportunity out of poverty for these hundreds of acrobats.

Cirque du Soleil donates tickets to organizations providing assistance to youth at risk, with 100% of the profits from ticket sales supporting projects for young people. All profits of the March 27th 2014 show will be going to Sarasaki Trust. By buying a ticket for this show you will have a chance to enjoy a wonderful show, while at the same time you will be supporting the dream of the young Kenyans artists.


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