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Look at photos that take you behind the scenes during the making of the show The Beatles LOVE now performing at The Mirage in Las Vegas


Sneak a peek at the production diary that was written during the creation of the show The Beatles LOVE. Let yourself be whisked away behind the scenes during the making of the production.

The theater's unique audio system
There are lots of unique elements in this creation, and I think the audio is what will most delight the senses! I've been around for a while, and I have never heard anything like it. Unbelievably crisp, the audio's unique tone will blow patrons out of their seats. While in the KÀ theatre, you find speakers in the back of each seat, our seats also have speakers facing the back of the theatre, so you have them right in front of you!

-Wayne Robinson, Carpenter
October 22, 2008

Technical set-up and challenges
"This install creates challenges in that the show will be presented "in the round," which means there is no on- or off-stage to move scenery! All scenery will have to be transported from high above or from below the stage! As with every new Cirque creation, there will be elements of theatre never attempted before. [...]there are five lifts, which we call sloats, to transfer scenery and performers from the lower levels to the stage level. [...] Automation is programming all of the lift and trap moves and setting cue sequences to be timed with scene performances.

-Wayne Robinson, Carpenter
October 22, 2008

When we get caught up in a production it's like we've got our nose in a great book that we can't put down, and if we look up from it we realize that things are going on around us. It just feels like I've had my nose in the planning, the logistics, the housing, and the scheduling for so long that now that we're in Vegas I finally have a chance to look up and actually experience the making of a show.

-Anastasia, Assistant to the Production Manager
February 14, 2006


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